Kinetics, Boss Up collection (Summer 2019)

Kinetics, Boss Up collection

Hi loves! How is your summer going? I am here to show you Boss Up, the newest collection by Kinetics for Summer 2019. Boss Up counts eight nail polishes in bright and energetic colours, created to celebrate our personalities, our strength and our courage.

As usual, this collection is available in Solar Gel (regular polish) and SHIELD version (gel polish). Just like the past summer collection (Kinetics, Freedom collection), also this one counts a lot of neon nail polishes. Let’s see them!

Kinetics, Huerricane Mode (#429)

Hurricane Mode (#429) is a very original shade, indeed it’s a very pale mint green that seems white at a first glance. I love wearing it with black clothes, as they make the greenish/greyish shade pop up, and I think this is a great alternative to the classic white nail polish in summer.

Formula is a bit thick but easy to apply, and it is opaque in 2 thick coats or 3 thin ones. I did 3 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Fly High (#430)

Fly High (#430) is a canary yellow bright and summery, but not a neon yellow as it may seem. A happy colour that will be appreciated by the ones who love this colour.

Just like Hurricane Mode, it needs 2 thick coats or 3 thin ones. I did 3 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Flame Fame (#431)

Flame Fame (#431) is, to me, one of the most beautiful colours of this collection: a super bright neon orange, and honestly one of the best neon oranges I’ve seen around. Generally I don’t like orange nail polishes, but this one conquered me with its brightness. Also, consider that this is waaaay brighter in real life than in the pictures – neon are always so hard to capture! – so get ready to put your sunglasses on!

Not only the colour is beautiful, but also the formula is perfect: application is easy-peasy, drying times are extremely fast and the coverage is great. As it usually happens with neon shades, it dries semi-matte, but one coat of top coat will bring it to the desired glossiness. 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Adrenaline Blush (#432)

Another great shade of this collection is Adrenaline Blush (#432). Apparently it may look as a “classic” coral pink, but on nails it shows itself as a breathtaking neon!

Formula is just like the one of Flame Fame. 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Sweet But Psycho (#433)

And now, drum rolls for my absolute favourite: Sweet But Psycho (#433)! A gorgeous neon fuchsia that I luckily managed to capture properly. So, there’s not very much to say: I think the picture speaks for itself! I love it – also for the name!

The formula is similar to the ones of the other neons. 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Boss Up (#434)

Boss Up (#434) is the nail polish that bears the name of the whole collection. It’s a cool-toned neon magenta, that I like for its originality, as it is quite different from the usual neon shades.

It’s very opaque, perfect in 2 coats, and dries semi-matte. I painted 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Get *Red* Done (#435)

Get *Red* Done (#434) is a orangey neon red. I see that this is a colour with a strong personality, even if for my personal taste I tend to prefer cooler-toned reds.

This shade could be considered a one coater, even if I painted 2 coats just because. 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, She Fix (#436)

She Fix (#436) is a dusty light turquoise – a sort of tiffany blue with more blue and less green inside. It’s more discreet than the other colours of the collection, but it still mantains its personality.

It is opaque in 2 thick coats or in 3 thinner ones. I did 3 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

So, this new collection by Kinetics is strong, happy, bright and full of life: just like our summer should be! The must haves in my opinion are Sweet But Psycho and Flame Fame, but Adrenaline Blush and Boss Up are amazing as well.

What about you? Have you already spotted your favourites?

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