The Game of Thrones nail series (pt. 2): Delush Polish, Dames of Thrones collection

Delush Polish, Dames of Thrones

Hello lovelies! After some days of absence I’m back with another episode of the Game of Thrones nail series! Today I’ll be showing you three nail polishes from the Dames of Thrones collection by Delush Polish, an American indie brand.

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The Dames of Thrones collection was launched back in 2015 and it contains seven nail polishes inspired by the most famous Game of Thrones female characters. I own three shades from this collection: Garden of Thorns (inspired by Margaery Tyrell), Queen of No Mercy (inspired by Cersei Lannister) and The Priestess (inspired by Melisandre). As always, I will avoid writing spoilers from the show, but I might say something spoiler-free about those characters.
These three nail polishes have a jelly finish and tons of multi-sized and multi-coloured glitter inside. Let’s see them!

Delush Polish, Garden of Thorns

Garden of Thorns is a jelly emerald green with various sized and shaped (hex, round, square) multi-coloured glitter (a pink and three different greens) . Sadly the glitter need to be fished from the bottom of the bottle, otherwise the result won’t be very different from the one of a plain green nail polish. Moreover, this nail polish is very sheer: for my pictures I painted 4 coats, and as you can see the free edge is still visible.
Besides these flaws, I find Garden of Thorns a bit too chaotic and rich – all those glitter in all those sizes, shapes and colours make it look a bit confusing and tawdry. It’s a pity because I love the base colour and I love Margaery Tyrell, the character it’s dedicated to.

In my pictures you see 4 coats plus top coat.

Delush Polish, Garden of Thorns

Delush Polish, Queen of No Mercy

Queen of No Mercy is my favourite of the bunch: a dark raspberry jelly with hex pink and red metallic glitter. Unlike Garden of Thorns, I find it a very interesting nail polish: the amount of glitter is well balanced and wisely chosen, which makes this shade look original without being too much. Moreover, I think that this colour combo is great to describe a complex character like Cersei Lannister: strong, determined and cruel but weak and fragile at the same time.

Being a jelly nail polish, drying times are quite long and glitter have to be fished from the bottom of the bottle, but the formula is way better than the one of Garden of Thorns. Indeed, here you see 3 coats plus top coat.

Delush Polish, Queen of No Mercy

Delush Polish, The Priestess

Last but not least, The Priestess, inspired by Melisandre. It’s a rich, opulent and mysterious shade that perfectly fits the red priestess’ character.
The Priestess is a bronze/brown shade with gold hex glitter, round bronze/orange glitter and big round gold glitter. I really like the big round glitter: I think they really make this nail polish pop out, even if they haveto be fished a bit.

In my pictures you see three coats plus top coat.

Delush Polish, The Priestess

Special mention to this shades (and to Delush Polish in general) for their great lasting: on me this is one of the most resistant nail polish brands ever!
Besides the Dames of Thrones collection and the Legions of Thrones ones (that you saw in my previous post), Delush has another collection inspired by GOT: the Knights of Thrones collection, that I will show you in my next post.

From the three shades I’ve shown you today my favourite is Queen of No Mercy, followed by The Priestess. What do you think?

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