The Game of Thrones nail series (pt. 1): Delush Polish, Ice Dwellers

Delush Polish, Ice Dwellers (thermal)

It is known that these are very special days for Game of Thrones fans: the last season is finally here and in a few weeks we will know how this saga ends. As a great fan of the show (and of nail polishes) I collected several nail polishes inspired by GOT, therefore I decided to dedicate some blog posts to them. I will try to avoid spoilers – but if you don’t know GOT promise me that you’ll start watching it (believe me, it’s worth it!).

Ice Dwellers: transition warm-cold

The first GOT inspired nail polish is Ice Dwellers by Delush Polish: a blue thermal inspired by White Walkers. Those evil creatures made of ice are always been important characters in Game of Thrones, they live in cold, icy places and have white/blueish skin and intense blue eyes.

Delush Polish, Ice Dwellers (cold)

Ice Dwellers: cold state

I couldn’t imagine a better way to describe White Walkers than Ice Dwellers by Delush Polish: a dusty blackened teal in its cold state and a very light dusty blue when warm. In both states it has a light blue shimmer and green/light blue flakies of various sizes (that really resemble ice shards!). Due to the dark base colour, the shimmer is much more visible in the cold state and it also shows a purple glow under certain light conditions.

Delush Polish, Ice Dwellers (warm)

Ice Dwellers: warm state

Personally I like it more in its cold state: it looks much more complex and interesting, and also it isn’t as sheer as it is in its warm state (where I can spot the nail line). The transition between the two states isn’t very visible – when shifting from one state to another we will only notice a sort of gradient on the nail. Also, it’s not quick or reactive: when warming/cooling your nails the colour starts changing only after a while.
Anyway I really like this nail polish under all its aspects, because I think that it really gives the idea of freezing fingertips, which is perfect if you think that this a White Walkers inspired shade!

Delush Polish, Ice Dwellers (transition)

Ice Dwellers: transition warm-cold

Formula is interesting: even if it’s quite a sheer polish it’s easy to apply and flakies spread nicely without having to fish them. Moreover, it dries quickly and last for a very long time. For my pictures I painted 3 coats plus top coat.

Delush Polish, Ice Dwellers (cold)

Ice Dwellers: cold state

Ice Dwellers belongs to the Legions of Thrones collection by Delush Polish, dedicated to the pivotal characters of GOT. I got it from Hypnotic Polish, but unfortunaly it is not available there anymore. If you wish to find it, you could find a list of stockists on Delush official site. The Legions of Thrones collection isn’t the only Delush collection dedicated to Game of Thrones – there are two extra collections, that I will show you in my next posts 😉

Delush Polish, Ice Dwellers (warm)

Ice Dwellers: stato caldo

I really think that Delush did a great job to create a nail polish inspired by White Walkers: I couldn’t imagine anything better! What about you? How do you imagine a White Walkers inspired polish?

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