Kinetics, Reconnect collection (Spring 2019)

Kinetics, Reconnect collection (Spring 2019)

After a long winter, spring is finally here: seeing the nature that wakes up after the long, cold and dark days is pure joy for me and my soul. Speaking for myself, I kinda hate winter – even if I might enjoy staying in bed drinking hot chocolate and watching TV shows, I feel the need to see the sun, enjoy the nature and the warmth of spring days.
Spring for me is the moment of the year where I can finally reconnect with the world that surrounds me, and with myself as well. So, when I saw the new collection by Kinetics for Spring 2019 I really thought they could read in my mind! Named Reconnect (*), this collection is a great inspiration for all those people who need to reconnect with themselves: it is made of eight beautiful shades inspired by the colours of nature. I love also the names of these polishes, very original and funny: they are inspired by the Internet and the social media, because there is no better way to reconnect with ourselves than disconnecting from our smartphones for a while.

The keyword to describe the shades of the Reconnect collection is pastels: from more traditional colours like nudes and pinks to more unusual ones, they all are pastels ready to bring positive spring vibes to those who wear them. As always, these new colours come both as Solar Gel (regular polish) and SHIELD (gel polish): I own the Solar Gel version, as I prefer wearing regular polish and as I simply ADORE Kinetics‘ polishes formulas. They are all very smooth, easy to apply, long lasting and quick-dry: most of them require two coats, but as you will see there are some exceptions. Now, are you ready to meet these beauties?

Kinetics, Loading Beige

First we have Loading Beige (#421), which is a warm peachy nude inspired by the sand at the seaside. A peaceful colour that will make happy all the ones who look for orangey nudes.

Formula is smooth and flawless, and it requires 2 thick coats or 3 thinner coats to reach full opacity. In my pictures you see 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Login Failed

Login Failed (#422) is the cool-toned brother of Loading Beige: this one is a pinkish nude, while the other was an orangey nude. I find it very smart to include a warm and a cool toned nude in the same collection: this will meet the taste of many different people. Personally, I prefer this one because I like how cool toned shades look on my nails – indeed, I got a lot of compliments from my friends and colleagues while I was wearing it.

Just like Loading Beige, the formula is smooth and opaque with 2 thick coats or 3 thinner ones. It is very resistant and long lasting, too! In my pictures you see 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Unfollow Pink

Unfollow Pink (#423) is a bright energetic pink that makes me feel free, powerful and girly at the same time. It is so vivid and bright that it almost seems to be a neon pink – and it will surely draw all the attention on your nails.

It reaches full opacity in two easy coats and it dries very quickly. I’m wearing 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

One of the most original colours of this collection (also for the name!) is Color Not Found (#424). It is hard to describe, because it’s in the middle between pink and orange. I’d say it’s a pinkish apricot orange. On my nails it’s very interesting because it looks new and fresh without being too showy.

Formula is a bit on the thick side but it applies smoothly and easily. I’m wearing 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Redhashtag

Redhashtag (#425) is one of my favourites from this collection: the brightest coral red I’ve ever seen! I love those colours that make me want to put sunglasses on while staring at them, and Redhashtag is surely one of them!

Besides the gorgeousness of this colour, I also need to mention the amazing formula: in the picture you’re looking at I’m only wearing ONE COAT of this shade, and yet it looks perfect and flawless. Of course I also have applied my beloved Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, No Wi-Fi

If Redhashtag was a super vitaminic shade, No Wi-Fi (#426) is on the other hand one of the most sweet and tender colours ever. A soft, delicate pastel lavender that immediately gives you a sense of peace and serenity.

Here I’m wearing 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat. As always, application was super smooth and easy and drying times were very quick.

Kinetics, Error 404

Now, meet my favourite of the whole collection: Error 404 (#427). Not only I love the colour, which is a delicate pastel baby blue, but I also love the name, since I am a computer science nerd (lol). This shade remembers me of the clear blue sky, as long as the colour of the blankets used for babies.

Formula is great, as it guarantees a smooth and easy application with full opacity in two coats. I’m wearing 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Reconnect

Last but not least we have Reconnect (#428), the shade that gives its name to the collection and another favourite of mine. It’s a pastel milk-mint green fresh and springy.

Formula is similar to the ones of Loading Beige and Login Failed, as it needs three thin coats or two thicker ones for full opacity. In my pictures I’m wearing three coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

I also played with these colours to make some nail designs. The first one is very easy, as I simply used a nail stencil (Swallow by WhatsUp Nails) and black nail polish to paint the birds over Error 404.

Kinetics Error 404 + WhatsUpNails Swallow stencils

The second nail design I did was more complex, as I used the reverse stamping technique to make a tribal geometric design. The background colour is Reconnect, while the parts of the design were coloured with Color Not Found and Loading Beige. The designs come from Born Pretty Store BP-L094 stamping plate, and I completed the manicure with a matte top coat.

Kinetics Reconnect, Color Not Found, Loading Beige + Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L094

In conclusion, the Reconnect collection by Kinetics really expresses my current mood and how I feel about spring. Moreover, it reflects the pastel trend that it is becoming so popular this spring, and it combines sweet and tender shades to vitaminic and energetic ones. My favourites are Error 404, Redhashtag and Reconnect: what about you?

If you want to have further information about Kinetics and this collection you can visit Kinetics‘ official site. Also, let me suggest you to follow the Instagram page @kineticsnailsystems, as it’s very active and full of inspiration.

(*) press sample

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