Born Pretty Store, pink and lilac stamping polishes

Hi loves, happy Monday! Today I’d like to show you two stamping polishes, they both come from Born Pretty Store.

If you are already familiar with the nail stamping technique, you’ll surely know that it requires highly pigmented polishes with a not too liquid formula. Very few regular nail polishes meet these standards, therefore it’s always recommended to buy stamping polishes. These nail polishes are specific for nail stamping, and therefore they are not intended to be worn as regular polishes, but only to be used with this technique. So, what I ask from a stamping polish is simple: to correctly pick the design from the plate and to transfer it neatly and clearly on the nail.

I have various Born Pretty Store stamping polishes and they all work nicely, so I decided to give try some new colours: the ones I’m showing you are #39 (a pearly pink) and #271 (a blueish lilac) (*). It’s hard to find pastel shades that stamp nicely, but these two both work great!

The bottles are quite small (6ml) and they don’t have the ingredients’ list written on them, but as stamping polishes are always used in very small quantities it’s not a big issue for me. The price – discounted – of these bottles is 2.99 USD each, and they’re available here: 6ml BORN PRETTY Stamping Polish Lacquer Colorful Nail Art Plate Printing Polish 24 Colors.

I decided to try these stamping polishes over darker nail polishes, so that I could verify how pigmented they are and how neatly the design is transferred. For this nail art I used the pink stamping polish (#39) to pick a pattern from the plate Uberchic 1-01 (review). The background colour is Curtain Call by Il Etait Un Vernis.

IEUV Curtain Call feat. Uberchic 1-01 stamping plate, Born Pretty Store stamping polish

Later, I used the lilac stamping polish (#271) to stamp this urban landscape picked from MoYou London Scandi 01 and Scandi 03 stamping plates. The base colour is Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI (review) and everything was topped with Barry M matte top coat.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark feat. MoYou Scandi 01, MoYou Scandi 03, Born Pretty Store stamping polish

As you can see, both the colours picked the designs perfectly, capturing also the tiniest lines. So, this will confirm once more my good opinion of Born Pretty Store stamping polishes, that can be a good compromise for those who are looking for cheap yet good working stamping polishes.

What about you? Which are your favourite stamping polishes manufacturers?

(*) press sample

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