MoYou London, stamping plate Porcelain 03

Sometimes nail art inspiration can be found in the smallest things: even our homes bring a lot of interesting things that can stimulate our creativity. Personally I have been always fascinated by those white and blue porcelain dishes, teapots, teacups, vases and so on. I have never been able to bring this inspirations on my nails, until now, when MoYou London released the Porcelain collection. Indeed, Porcelain 03(*) stamping plate seems to be designed for me!

MoYou has become quite a controversial brand to me because I still love their products but I didn’t like some of the changes they recently introduced to the brand’s policy. First, they changed their shipping conditions into more expensive ones for us Italians. Moreover, some of their plates are being discontinued very quickly (just some months after the launch). For example, the Porcelain collection itself now counts only Porcelain 01 and 02 stamping plates on the official site.

Luckily, we can still rely on stockists and avoid buying directly from MoYou London‘s site. I live in Italy and my n°1 stockist is Guerrilla Nails, as it is in my same country.MoYou London, Porcelain 03

Back to the Porcelain 03 stamping plate, all the designs have the same inspo so they can be easily mixed and matched together. Designs are small because they are intended for short nails: if you have longer nails you should check something different, just like Porcelain 05 stamping plate.

I decided to imitate the white and blue porcelains, so I painted a white base (with Snow Me White by Sinful Colors) and stamped with Moyra blue stamping polish. I chose the designs in a completely random way, so that you can see how nicely they match together.

The plate’s quality is great: every detail is crisp and well defined. To stamp I used the Crystal Clear Stamper by MoYou, which is one of my favourite stampers so far (even if not my n°1 stamper). So, if you notice some flaws on my nail art is not because of the plate, but because the top coat I used smudged a bit the design.

MoYou London, Porcelain 03

Even if I am not loving MoYou London as much as I did before, I still enjoy some of their new plates, and I’m happy to have the chance to find them from stockists. The Porcelain collection is simply gorgeous indeed!

Have you bought anything from MoYou London recently? What do you think of the latest brand’s policy changes?


(*) press sample

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