Kinetics, Sparkling collection (Holiday 2018)

Kinetics, Sparkling collection (Holiday 2018)

A special time of the year for me is when Kinetics is about to launch a new collection: I become very curious and excited, as I love to imagine what colours and inspiration to expect next. One of the things I love of Kinetics is that every collection is completely new and surprising, going always beyond all my dreams.
In this sense, their newest collection was a great surprise for me: it’s named Sparkling(*) and, as the name says, it contains eight glitter nail polishes with various finishes. So, if we were used to know Kinetics mainly for their beautiful creme shades, now the brand makes a step ahead by introducing something completely unexpected – until now! The Sparkling collection was launched for Holiday 2018: is there a better time of the year than the festive one to sparkle?

Kinetics, Sparkling collection (Holiday 2018)

If you already know me a little bit, you will surely know how much I love sparkling nail polishes with unusual finishes. This makes me feel this collection very close to me and my taste, as if someone read my mind and created a nail polish collection!

Just like the other collections by Kinetics, the eight nail polishes of Sparkling are available in two versions: Solar Gel (regular nail polish) and SHIELD (gel nail polish). I have the collection in the Solar Gel version.

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Now that I told you everything about this collection put your sunglasses on and get ready to see the swatches of these super sparkling beauties!

Kinetics, Glitter For Breakfast

Glitter For Breakfast (#413) is a luminous white/silver glitter nail polish with a foil/chrome finish. From the bottle it apparently looks like a pure glitter, sand-effect polish, but actually on the nails it has a smooth, foil effect, as the glitter are very tiny and numerous.
This shade is like winter magic for me: it’s just like when snow and ice crystals are hit by the sun, revealing thousands of bright silvery reflections.

Since this nail polish has a huge amount of glitter inside, the formula is naturally a bit thicker than usual, which means that it will also take a little bit more to dry. Anyway, it is still very opaque and easy to apply. Once dried the nail surface is quite smooth, with the bigger glitter creating a very subtle textured effect. In my photos you see 2 coats + Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Glitter For Breakfast (macro)

Kinetics, Sweet Or Brut?

If you are looking for the perfect rose gold nail polish, you just found it! Meet Sweet Or Brut? (#414), a foil/chrome nail polish with a sparkling pink base and a lot of tiny silver flakies inside.
This is one of my favourites of the collection: I love not only the colour, but also the infinite reflections this polish assumes under different lights: pink, silver, gold, lilac…I’d stare at it forever!

Formula is smoother than the one of Glitter For Breakfast: it’s super easy to apply, very opaque, quick-dry and perfect in two coats. In my pics you see 2 coats + Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Sweet Or Brut? (macro)

Kinetics, Sparkling

There’s nothing better than a gold glitter nail polish when you start feeling the Christmas spirit, and Sparkling (#415) is one of the most beautiful gold polishes I’ve ever seen. It’s a warm gold shade with golden flakies and hex glitter. It dries a bit textured and it smoothens after top coat. On nails it’s simply amazing: bright, sparkling but still super chic.

Formula is nice, opaque in two coats and quick-dry. 2 coats + Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Sparkling (macro)

Kinetics, We Rock Hard

We Rock Hard (#416) is without hesitation my favourite of the collection: a dark beauty with a magnetic charm, so unique and interesting. It’s an anthracite black with silver/lead-grey shimmer and a lot of tiny red hex glitter. Sometimes, under certain light conditions, I also had the impression to see a vague blue sparkle, which makes this shade even more complex and unique.

Formula is simply perfect: even if it’s super opaque, glitter are visible and they aren’t covered by the dark base. It dries quickly with a matte textured finish. With just one coat of top coat it will become glossy and more sparkling, but it will mantain the textured effect (I like this effect, but if you want to make it completely smooth you will probably need two coats of top coat). 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, We Rock Hard (macro)

Kinetics, Shh, I'm Fabulous

Shh, I’m Fabulous (#417) has a completely different finish from the nail polishes I showed you until now. It’s an antique pink metallic nail polish with a very strong turquoise shimmer that makes it look just like a duochrome. It’s very interesting and various, so that you will never get tired of wearing it.

Formula is great and very easy to apply. While other nail polishes with similar finishes usually are streaky, this one doesn’t have this problem, as it is super smooth and homogeneous. It takes a little bit more than usual to dry, but you can easily solve this with a quick-dry top coat (just like the Kinetics Solar Gel one!). 2 coats + top coat.

Kinetics, Shh, I'm Fabulous (macro)

Kinetics, Mirror-Like Red

If I had to describe Mirror-Like Red (#418) with just one word, this would be PERFECTION. It’s a cool-toned red with fuchsia shimmer, and it’s bold, intense, bright and luminous. It’s the colour we all need for Christmas holidays, and it makes me think of the red ribbons that usually decorate Christmas gifts.

Formula is perfect, opaque just after the first coat, quick-dry and super glossy even without top coat. In my pics you see 2 coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Mirror-Like Red (macro)

Kinetics, Extravaganza

Imagine yourselves at night on a boat looking at the depths of the open sea with just a small light: this is the sensation I have when wearing Extravaganza (#419). It’s a super deep and intense nail polish that consists in a dark base with teal/green shimmer. The bottle shows also a slight purple shimmer, but on nails it’s visible only in certain light situations.

Formula is flawless, smooth and quick-dry. This nail polish could be considered almost a one-coater, but I prefer wearing it with two coats as it seems more sparkling to me. 2 coats + Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Extravaganza (macro)

Kinetics, Partyholic

Partyholic (#420) is a royal purple with pink, gold, violet and blue tiny glitter. It’s a rich, deep, majestic shade that shines and sparkles so much that it seems to contain precious stones inside.

Formula is similar to the one of Extravaganza: I find absolutely perfect just like the other one. In my pics you see 2 coats + Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Partyholic (macro)

If Kinetics wanted to make me fall in love with this collection, I must admit that they succeeded: Sparkling really stole my heart! Even if Kinetics is already well-known and appreciated for the perfection of their creme shades, I really loved them making this step forward in order to offer something completely new: the result is absolutely breathtaking and I’d really love to see other shades like these from Kinetics in the future!
If you want to have further information about Kinetics and this collection you can visit Kinetics‘ official site. Also, let me suggest you to follow the Instagram page @kineticsnailsystems, as it’s very active and full of inspiration.

Besides the amazingness of the colours and the finishes, the nail polishes of Sparkling have also great formulas, which makes them must-haves for those who love these kind of shades. Let me just say that the first four polishes of the collection (the more textured ones) are a bit hard to remove, so I’d suggest wearing them with a peel-off base coat or, alternatively, to remove them with the foil method.

It’s not easy to choose my favourites this time, but surely at the first place I put We Rock Hard, followed by Sweet Or Brut?, Mirror-Like Red, Partyholic and Sparkling.

Now I’m curious to know your thoughts of this collection! And tell me, are you glitter-lovers or do you prefer wearing the traditional creme polishes?

(*) press sample

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