Enchanted Polish, Prism Of Darkness

Enchanted Polish x Fashion Polish, Prism Of Darkness

Hi lovelies! Today I want to show you a very beautiful nail polish: Prism Of Darkness by Enchanted Polish, made in collaboration with Fashion Polish.

Enchanted Polish shades are very rare and extremely hard to find for us Italians, so we consider them as the Holy Grail of our collections 😀 The only option we have to get them is in IG/blog sales, and that’s exactly how I found Prism Of Darkness.

Enchanted Polish x Fashion Polish, Prism Of Darkness

Talking about this beauty, Prism Of Darkness is a dark purple nail polish with holo linear finish and a multichrome effect that shifts from purple to blue, green, pink and gold. As the name says, it really looks like a prism that reflects the light in many ways: under the direct sunlight it seems “simply” a purple holo nail polish, while it shows its many different colours and reflections in rooms with different sources of light. It’s opaque in two coats and the brush is very thin, but still easy to work with. Definitely, I’m happy to have this Holy Grail in my collection!

What do you think of this shade? Are Enchanted Polish shades easy to find where you live?

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