Nail Polishes Autumn 2018: the best shades to wear on your nails!

Smalti Autunno 2018

Hi loves! Autumn is finally here: leaves are falling, days are becoming shorter, temperatures are getting lower and warm clothes are coming back in our closets…but what about our nails? Which are the best nail polish colours to wear during fall?

In this article I’d like to show you a selection of the nail polishes I like the most for fall 2018: I chose both mainstream and indie polishes, so that you can see a wide range of brands and colours!

The first shade I’m showing you is a gorgeous peacock blue called Kind Of Blue and part of the last collection by Kinetics, Fragile. I chose it because it’s the kind of colour I like to wear in those days when it’s still warm and the sun is still shining.

For further information about Kinetics nail polishes you can check Kinetics official website.

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Kinetics, Kind Of Blue

Another colour that would look great on sunny days is yellow: bright but not too much, with a little bit of green and a little bit of orange, Yellow Jade by Mi-Ny can be a wonderful choice for this Fall.

It’s part of the Glam Lacquer line (n° 30) and it can be bought from Mi-Ny online shop.

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Mi-Ny Glam Lacquer n. 30 - Yellow Jade

Zoya Yara

Army green is a typical colour to wear in Autumn: I don’t generally enjoy it on my nails, but recently I discovered Yara by Zoya, a shade that I find very pretty and interesting. It’s an army/mossy green with small green/gold glitter. Formula is not the best, because it’s a bit thick and not very smooth, but on the other hand it’s very pigmented. Moreover, Zoya nail polishes are 10-free, vegan and certified for pregnant women, therefore I can forgive them if the formula isn’t the best 🙂

Zoya Yara

The last mainstream nail polish of my selection is Rimmel Salon Pro n° 707 (No Need To Blush), a pretty dark fuchsia.

The colour is very nice, but the formula isn’t very good: as you can see from my picture, it leaves the nail surface with bumps and streaks, which is something I don’t really like. The colour can be builded up: with two coats it will be brighter, with three it will look more deep, dark and intense. For my pictures I did two.

Rimmel Salon Pro 707, No Need To Blush

Switching from mainstream to indie brands, here’s a nice aubergine purple that I like wearing during Fall: Elaine by A England.

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A England, Elaine

ILNP, Elle

When in doubt, go neutral! A nude nail polish is a never-without, especially in Autumn! Meet Elle by ILNP, a fabulous sheer nude with a sparkly scattered holo effect that shines under the sun. It’s my favourite nude nail polish, and that’s why I decided to include it in my selection.

ILNP, Elle

Cadillacquer × bepinselt, Dean

Brown is THE colour for Autumn, and I oriented my choice into a very particular brown: Dean by Cadillacquer, which is part of the Fan Collection 2018 of the Swiss indie brand (this collection also includes a collaboration shade of mine!).

Dean is officially defined as a black nail polish with red/orange shimmer, but in real life it really looks brown, due to the warm tones of the shimmer finish. It’s very beautiful as it reacts to the light in many different ways, showing a lot of reflections.

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Cadillacquer × bepinselt, Dean

Masura x ritannailss, Lost In Holland

Last, but not least, a nail polish that I’d define as Autumn in a bottle: Lost In Holland by Masura. Before seeing it in real life I was sure it was red, but actually it’s orange! Inside it has many gold/green flakies and glitter that light up when reached by the sun, just like the leaves that fall from the trees. Not only I really like this nail polish, but it has also a special value to me, as it’s a gift from a dear friend (thank you, Ilaria!).

Masura x ritannailss, Lost In Holland

So, this was my selection of nail polishes for Fall 2018! Which one is your favourite? And, if you have some shades to suggest for Autumn, please let me know in comments!

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