Born Pretty Store Peacock Holographic Gel BP-03, Lotus In Hell

Hello lovelies! After many swatches and nail arts it’s now time to show you a gel polish: it’s called Lotus In Hell and it’s part of the Born Pretty Store Peacock Holographic Gel series (number BP-03).

Lotus In Hell is literally a glitter bomb, as it consists basically in a clear base filled with tons of glitter (and when I say tons I mean really A LOT). Necessarily, this huge amount of glitter will make this gel polish formula quite thick – but the good news is that it’s still easy to apply and that it will be opaque just in two coats. Also, I was a bit scared of removing a gel polish with all that glitter, but I must admit that it was easier than I expected. In my pictures you see two coats of nail polish plus top coat.

In real life, this shade shifts from brown to orange to bronze according to the light. It’s a warm-toned nail polish that may look good for autumn.

Born Pretty Store, Lotus In Hell

Talking about more technical aspects, the bottle contains 10ml of gel nail polish that needs to be cured under a LED or UV lamp. I used a 24W LED nail lamp for 60 seconds. Also, as any other gel polish, this one requires to be worn with a gel base coat and a gel top coat: this will help your manicure last longer and will make the removal easier. To remove it, just file the nail surface with a specific buffer in order to take away the first layer of gel polish and then soak your nails into a specific gel polish remover.

Lotus In Hell is available at Born Pretty Store for 7,99 USD (now discounted to 6,59): full priced it sounds actually a bit too expensive to me, but the good news is that Born Pretty Store items are often discounted so my suggestion is to keep constantly an eye on the items you want! Moreover, you can always use my coupon code DEGX31 to get a 10% off discount on full priced items. The item number for Lotus In Hell and Peacock Holographic Gel polishes is 41842, you can find them here: 10ml BORN PRETTY Chameleon Gel Polish Peacock Soak Off Glitter Gel Nails Manicure Nail Varnish.

Born Pretty Store, Lotus In Hell

To be completely honest, Lotus In Hell is a bit far from the kind of nail polishes I’m used to: I find this huge amount of glitter a bit chaotic and confusing. Also, I’m not a big fan of warm toned nail polishes, and that’s probably why I feel that this one is not my cup of tea 🙂

But, as they say, it takes all kinds, so I guess that some of you may like this kind of gel polishes: if this is your case, I hope my review and my swatches were helpful! Let me know your thoughts in a comment!

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