Painted Polish, Shamrock Your World

Hello lovelies! I’m here with a quick post just to show you a very particular nail polish that sadly has been discontinued: Shamrock Your World by the indie brand Painted Polish, part of the St. Patrick’s Day Duo LE.

Even if I am a bit sad to show you a discontinued nail polish, on the other hand I’m happy to talk about it anyway: first, because I’d like this blog to become a small “encyclopedia” of nail polishes and second because we can always hope that one day Painted Polish will bring this shade back 😀

Painted Polish, Shamrock Your World (St. Patrick's Day Duo)

This shade is inspired by the shamrocks typical of St. Patrick’s Day, but personally it really reminds me of pistacchio ice-cream, due to the tone of green and to the bronze/gold flakies! Undoubtedly it’s a very particular shade and for this reason not everyone will like it, but if you love weird green nail polishes with strange finishes (like me) this is the perfect shade!

Formula is quite thick but very smooth and opaque. Drying times are average. In my pictures you see two coats plus top coat.

Painted Polish, Shamrock Your World (St. Patrick's Day Duo)

In my opinion, one will love or hate Shamrock Your World: there are no half measures. So, what do you think of it? Love or hate? Let me know in comments!

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