Kads, Stamping Plate Flower 016

Good morning! Today I want to talk about a brand of nail stamping items that I recently discovered and that I really appreciate: Kads, which has its official store on Aliexpress.

I bought from Kads for the first time about a month ago, and I’m already waiting for the second order! I like very much the designs and the quality of the plates, that are also quite cheap. They ship from Asia, so you’ll have to consider this when estimating shipping times.

The first plate I decided to use is Kads Flower 016, which is very original as it combines artificial items and flowers in a lovely and unusual mix.

This plate contains 9 super detailed patterns that look great to be coloured with reverse stamping. All the designs are pretty big both in height and length, and it’s quite hard to make them fit in one single nail. I think that this size is made for splitting the designs in a half in two nails, so that not a single detail will be missed.

Considering these things, I decided to use this plate by splitting the violin pattern in half, and I created a decal with reverse stamping to colour it.

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To divide the design it would be enough to cut a single decal in half, but I preferred to create two separate decals in order not to miss any detail when cleaning up the sides on the nail.

Kads Flower 016

Beside the Kads stamping plate, for this manicure I used Shamrock Your World by Painted Polish for the background (purchased at Hypnotic Polish as a limited edition) and the shades Harmony and Cariti by Mi-Ny and Kiko Nail Lacquer 324 (Dark Chocolate) for the violin.

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To stamp I used the silicone stamper by Clear Jelly Stamper and the black stamping polish by Ya Qin An, which are two of my favourite stamping products ever.

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Back to Kads stamping plates, I am very impressed for the quality and the gorgeousness of the designs, that transfer perfectly on nails. As I told you above, you can purchase it from Kads official store on Aliexpress: full priced it costs 4,99 USD but it is very often discounted to less than 3 USD – so keep an eye on the offers! It’s available at this link: AliExpress – KADS Flower 016 nail stamp.

Have you every tried something by Kads? What do you think of my nail art?

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