Kinetics, Fragile collection (Autumn 2018)

Kinetics, Fragile collection (Autumn 2018)

Hi loves, welcome back on this blog! After a little summer break I’m finally here with a new post, and I’m already looking to the next season, as today I’ll be showing you the Autumn 2018 collection by Kinetics, Fragile (*).

Just like the past collections by Kinetics, also Fragile is made of eight nail polish that come both in Solar Gel (regular nail polish) and SHIELD version (gel nail polish). I tried the Solar Gel version, and let me say that I like this formula very much, since it’s very easy to apply, smooth, quick-dry and also super glossy. All the shades of this collection are highly pigmented, so I’d recommend wearing them with a base coat, as some of them may stain a bit.

Let’s talk a little bit more about this collection: what’s the inspiration behind Fragile? Fragile inspiration comes from our human condition, from soul and our emotions, from our capability to be extremely strong yet deeply fragile at the same time. That’s why Fragile is a collection of contrasts and opposites, going from strong and intense shades to delicate and tender ones. Everything comes in typical autumnal colours, which make Fragile a perfect fall collection.

Kinetics, So Human

Let’s begin with So Human (KNP405), a nice caffelatte shade (Kinetics describes it as “milky almond”) that gives nails a super elegant, neat and essential look. It’s great for people who want a sophisticated yet minimal manicure. Sadly my picture isn’t doing 100% justice to the beauty of this colour (imagine it a bit less yellowish and more rosy), but I can assure you that this one is a great nude nail polish.
Formula is a bit on the thick side, but it’s extremely smooth, opaque and dries quickly.

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Almost Naked

Another neutral shade: meet Almost Naked (KNP406), a taupe with a hint of lilac. I like it because it isn’t dull as many similar colours, and it makes hands’ skin glow. This is one of those shades that will look good on every skintone.

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Pretending Pink

Pretending Pink (KNP407) is a classic warm pink, not too bright nor too dusty. It’s the perfect shade for those who want a sweet and feminine look.

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Looking Strong

Now it’s time to show you my favourite from the collection: Looking Strong (KNP408). It’s a fabulous deep red that will drive all the eyes on your nails, while being very elegant and sophisticated.
It’s super glossy even without top coat and reaches full opacity in two coats. It also tends to stain nails, so I strongly recommend wearing it with a base coat.

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Berries On Ice

Berries On Ice (KNP409) is a very original colour: it’s a shade between red and fuchsia. According to Kinetics, if autumn 2018 had an official colour, this would be the one: do you agree? Personally, I love this nail polish because it’s bright without being too light or too vivid.

Berries On Ice is very pigmented, so that it can be worn as a one-coater, but I prefer doing two coats as I find that the colour acquires more depth.

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Alluring Brown

Hot chocolate on nails: that’s how you could describe Alluring Brown (KNP410), a warm brown perfect for autumn, especially if paired with golden accessories.

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Fragile

Now let’s talk about Fragile (KNP411), the shade with the same name of the collection – and my other favourite. It’s a cool-toned slate grey that I see as a great alternative to black, perfect for the ones who are looking for a dark neutral shade that isn’t black. I think this is one of the most versatile shades, because it can look great both in informal contests (work, office, free time…) and in formal ones.

Also this shade could be used as a one-coater, but I prefer to apply two coats to increase its glossiness and durability.

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Kind Of Blue

The last shade of this autumn collection is a dark teal named Kind Of Blue (KNP412). I find it a great colour to make the transition from summer to fall, as it looks good for both the seasons.
It’s a highly pigmented nail polish, so you’d better use it with a base coat.

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

I also decided to play with those colours and to create three nail arts: they are all made with the reverse stamping technique.

The first one is made with the shades So Human, Pretending Pink and Berries On Ice and the stamping plate Minimal 01 by Moyou London.

Kinetics Fragile + Moyou London Minimal 01

For this other manicure I used Pretending Pink, So Human, Berries On Ice, Kind Of Blue and Alluring Brown. The lollipop design comes from the stamping plate BP-L023 by Born Pretty Store (read here my review).

Kinetics Fragile +Born Pretty Store BP-L023

For the last mani I tried to stamp with one of the colours from this collection – So Human. As you see this nail polish worked great also for stamping: the designs are neat, clear and pigmented! The other colours I used are Almost Naked, Looking Strong and Kind Of Blue, while the plates are Trend Hunter 01 and Holy Shapes 17 by MoYou London.

Kinetics Fragile + MoYou London Trend Hunter 01, Holy Shapes 17

Now I think I told you everything you need to know about this beautiful collection! I adore the inspiration behind it, and I love that it contains many different colours (neutrals, bolds, lights, darks…) that can satisfy many different tastes. What these shades have in common is that they are all great for autumn: could we ask more from a fall collection?  😀

For further details about this collection, check Kinetics’ official website. Their headquarters is in Latvia, but they have a lot of distributors worldwide!

My favourite colours are Looking Strong and Fragile, but I also like quite much Kind Of Blue and Berries On Ice. And now tell me, which ones are your favourites?

(*) press sample

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