Born Pretty Store 3D Magnetic Aurora Series, Fairbanks Arts

Born Pretty Store, Fairbanks Arts

Hi loves! Today I want to show you a magnetic nail polish from Born Pretty Store: it’s called Fairbanks Arts (BP-MA05) and it belongs to the 3D Magnetic Aurora Series collection, recently launched by Born Pretty to celebrate the new look of their bottles.

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Fairbanks Arts is a lovely bronze/gold shade with fuchsia and green reflections. It has a metallic finish when you use it without the magnet, but it really looks better and more complete when you get the magnetic effect.
Formula is very easy to work with, smooth, quick-dry and opaque after two easy coats. In my pictures you see two coats plus top coat. I used the magnet after every coat (nail polish and top coat), placing it above each nail for some seconds while nail polish is still wet. You can use any nail art magnet you own: I used the one by Masura because it’s the only one I have, but also Born Pretty sells a lot of magnets with many different patterns.
Born Pretty suggests to wear this nail polish over a black base to make the magnetic effect more dramatic. Personally, I used it without the black base and I really like the final result, as it looks very evident too.

Born Pretty Store, Fairbanks Arts

This nail polish comes in a 6ml bottle which is inside a white cardboard box where you can read all the information about the product (ingredients, expiration time and so on). You can find it at Born Pretty Store (item #42398) for 5,39 USD (when full-priced it costs 5,99). This is the direct link: 6ml BORN PRETTY Chameleon Magnetic Nail Polish Aurora Series Cat Eye Nail Polish Black Base Needed. Moreover, if you use my coupon code DEGX31 you can have a 10% off discount on full-priced items!

I find it quite a pretty nail polish! What do you think?

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