Kinetics, Freedom Collection (Summer 2018)

Kinetics, Collezione Freedom (Summer 2018)

Hi everyone! Let’s welcome summer 2018 with a new nail polish collection: Freedom by Kinetics (*)!

Freedom collection is made up of eight neon nail polishes that literally scream summer: bold, vivid and super bright. Moreover, these nail polishes are not the usual and conventional neons: the shades are new, fresh and sophisticated. Kinetics usually stands out for the continuous research of uncommon and original colours, and this collection is totally a win for me.
If you were just wondering, neon doesn’t mean that these shades glow in the dark (indeed, they don’t), but you might be interested to know that they glow under a black light (like the ones that can often be found in discos and arcades).

All the collections by Kinetics are available both in Solar Gel (regular polish) and SHIELD (gel polish) version, and they come in 15ml bottles.
I received this collection in Solar Gel version, and I’ve been totally impressed by the great formula, the easy application and the quick drying times that are usually typical of Kinetics’ polishes.

Well, now that my presentation is over, shall we proceed with the swatches? Get ready! 😀

Kinetics, No Regrets (#397)

Let’s start with No Regrets (KNP397), a bright neon peach pretty unique and very interesting. I love when the tenderness of pastel shades meets the energy of neons, and that’s what’s exactly happening in this shade! In real life it’s even bolder and brighter – definitely you’ll need to put your sunglasses on before looking at your nails!

Formula is smooth and easy to work with, but a bit less opaque than the other shades of the collection. In my pictures you see three coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Play Me Pink (#398)

Play Me Pink (KNP398) is another colour that requires sunglasses: a stunning neon pastel pink that will totally make your nails stand out. In real life it’s a true neon, extremely brighter than in my pics. This is definitely a must-have for me, and one of my favourites of the whole collection.

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Bad Color (#399)

Let’s now talk about Bad Color (KNP399), the kind of neon pink we usually see on highlighter pens! I never thought I could fall in love with those kind of pinks, but well, it happened! Undoubtedly my favourite of the collection (could you ever imagine that?), I already wore it two times and I’m looking forward to using it again, and again, and again… 😀

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Carrot Parrot (#400)

Carrot Parrot (KNP400) is a vivid neon carrot orange with a super funny name! Unlike the other nail polishes, it tends to dry semi-matte and that’s why I really recommend to use a glossy top coat with it. The colour looks bright and neon in the sunlight, while it appears to be a darker non-neon orange in the shade.

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Freedom (#401)

Freedom (KNP401) is a deep and rich neon purple inspired by Ultra Violet, the Pantone colour of the year 2018. This shade literally made my camera go crazy, as it already has some difficulties with purples in general. I had to edit the pic to come close to the true colour and I think now it’s quite similar, even if not completely color accurate: in real life Freedom looks a little bit darker and warmer.
Anyway, I find this nail polish amazing and one of my favourites of the collection.

Formula tends to shrink and to be a bit streaky after the first coat, but it perfectly levels out with the second coat, giving the nail surface a smooth and glossy finish. In my picture you see two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Raw Me Green (#402)

Raw Me Green (KNP402) is a bright neon green between emerald green and teal, almost impossible to capture. In real life it’s greener and less turquoise, brighter and a bit darker than in my pic.

Raw Me Green is extremely pigmented and super opaque right after one coat, even if I suggest doing two coats to reach full opacity. In my picture you see two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, Restless Sleepers (#403)

Restless Sleepers (KNP403) is a gorgeous neon cobalt blue that will draw a lot of attention on your nails. I wore it for one night out and I got an incredible amount of compliments 😉 Definitely a must-have for all the blue-lovers like me.

Two coats plus Solar Gel top coat.

Kinetics, More Lipstick (#404)

Last, but not least, a classic red: More Lipstick (KNP404). In real life it has a strong pink component that makes it look like a pinkish red.

More Lipstick is a true one-coater, as it is completely opaque with just one coat. This is great if you are in a hurry and want to have a perfect manicure in less than 10 minutes! Anyway, you can always decide to paint two coats if you want to give your nails a more glossy and plumping effect. In my picture you see one coat plus Solar Gel top coat.

Before knowing what this collection would be about, I found myself hoping to see a collection full of neon summery colours: well, my wish came true! I loved all the eight shades from the Freedom collection, as I feel them so close to my personality and to the idea I have of manicure.

This collection inspired me so much that I decided to create a couple of nail arts too. The first one is a simple dotticure made with dotters of different sizes and the shades No Regrets, Bad Color, More Lipstick, Restless Sleepers, Freedom and Raw Me Green.

Then, I decided to try a simple stamping nail art. I used the two most pigmented shades (Raw Me Green e More Lipstick) as stamping polishes, and stamped with them over Bad Color. I was surprised to see how good they worked for stamping! The designs come from BP-L076 stamping plate by Born Pretty Store.

If you want to know more about Kinetics you can visit Kinetics official website, where you can also purchase the Freedom collection.

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In conclusion, this collection has really stolen my heart, and it is totally a must for all the neon-lovers: my personal favourites are Play Me Pink, Bad Color and Freedom. Which ones do you like the most?

(*) press sample

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