Mi-Ny Glam Lacquer 30, Yellow Jade

In these months I’m literally developing an obsession for yellow nail polishes, which is something I would never imagined before as this colour didn’t seem so interesting to me in the past. Well, I don’t know why – maybe it’s because of summer? – but I’m buying tons of yellow nail polishes lately, and the one I’m showing you today is one of them. It’s called Yellow Jade and it is the n. 30 of the Glam Lacquer line by the Italian brand Mi-Ny.

Mi-Ny Glam Lacquer n. 30 - Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade is a stunning creme yellow nail polish with quite a complex undertone, as it looks more orangey or more greenish according to the light.

Formula is great: highly pigmented, easy to apply and self-leveling, it will make the nail polish look opaque and smooth in just two coats – which is quite rare for light shades! Moreover, this shade dries fast and is quite resistant on nails: could we ever ask for anything better? In my pictures you see two coats of nail polish + top coat.

Glam Lacquer shades by Mi-Ny come in 11ml bottles and are 3-free. They can be bought in Mi-Ny shops (which can be found mainly in Northern Italy) or directly from their online shop, which ships also abroad. Yellow Jade costs 6,90€ and you can find it here: Mi-Ny Yellow Jade.

What do you think of yellow nail polishes? Let me know in comments!

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