Polish Alcoholic, Dungeons & Dragons

Hi loves! Today I’m showing you one of my favourite nail polishes lately: Dungeons & Dragons from the dutch indie brand Polish Alcoholic. Dungeons & Dragons belongs to the Winter 17/18 collection, which is dedicated to the TV show Stranger Things: indeed the name of this polish comes from the role game played by the main characters of the show. As the boys in Stranger Things, I also used to play D&D in the past, and that’s why I really wanted this nail polish to be mine 😀

Dungeons & Dragons by Polish Alcoholic is a gorgeous sage green that may shift from turquoise to grey depending on the light. Moreover, it contains the magical aurora pigment that gives it a gorgeous multichrome chameleon shimmer that can appear to be bronze, gold, bright green or even fuchsia/pink according to the light. You won’t definitely be bored when wearing Dungeons & Dragons on your nails, as you will see it continuously changing below your eyes!

Polish Alcoholic, Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – as any other Polish Alcoholic shade – comes in a 11 ml bottle and has a 5 free formula. The brush is very precise and allows a perfect application with almost no clean-up needed.

Dungeons & Dragons formula is quite liquid, which is great if you want to do very thin coats. After the first coat this shade will look almost transparent, but it will get opaque right after doing the second coat. Personally, I decided to paint three coats, as I wanted the colour to be deeper and more intense: indeed, in my pictures you see three coats + top coat.

I did my best to capture all the amazing reflection of this shade, but it’s not easy at all! It reminds me the effect of a multicolour glass when hit by sunlight. Anyway, even if this effect is quite visible in my pics, I can guarantee that it’s much stronger in real life!

Polish Alcoholic, Dungeons & Dragons

I already knew Polish Alcoholic from a while, but I think that in these last months Sabrina (the owner) is creating real masterpieces. Dungeons & Dragons is a stunner and I’m very happy to own it.

Polish Alcoholic shades have to be bought directly from Sabrina’s Etsy shop, that ships from The Netherlands. Dungeons & Dragons costs 8€ (shipping not included) and can be found here: Polish Alcoholic | Dungeons & Dragons.

What do you think of Dungeons & Dragons? Did you already know Polish Alcoholic? And, most of all, have you ever played D&D? 😉

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