How to: Galaxy Nails (piCture pOlish, BeautyBigBang)

Hi lovelies! Have you ever been fascinated by the gorgeous photos taken in outer space? I’m sure you did! And wouldn’t it be gorgeous to create something similar on our nails? Luckily it’s possible and also easy to do – you’ll just need a sponge!

Let’s see how to create a gorgeous galaxy nail art!

To create a galaxy manicure you’ll just need the following items: a dark nail polish for the background (I suggest black), several coloured nail polishes to create galaxies (at least 2-3, and one of them must be a light shade like white, grey or silver) and a sponge (you can use either a make-up sponge or cut pieces from a dish sponge). Plus, you’ll obviously need a base coat and a glossy top coat.

I used the sponge and the piCture pOlish shades that you see in the picture: Holo Night for the background, and Lakodom, Freya’s Cats, Chance and Remember for the galaxies.

Galaxy Nails with piCture pOlish

After applying base coat, apply the dark polish on your nails and let it dry completely.
Then paint a little portion of sponge with the lightest shade and use it to decorate your nails. Useful tip: remove the excess of nail polish from the sponge with a tissue before using the sponge on nails. Repeat this step as many times as necessary to make the colour opaque (wait some seconds before one step and another, so that previous nail polish layers can dry on nails).
Now, repeat the same step with the other colours you chose: blue and purple shades are very popular for galaxy nails, but also red, orange and pink ones may look great. I suggest to use a different area of the sponge for each colour, so that you can have the full control on your design. Try to create a gradient effect and if necessary use also the sponge with the background colour to correct your design.

All this steps will make nail polish go all around your nails and on your skin, so prepare yourself to do a massive cleanup, or otherwise to protect your cuticles. Personally I used these cuticle protectors by BeautyBigBang, that are super easy to apply and remove. They are available at BeautyBigBang with code SKU: J2857TM-BK*2: 2Sheets Peel Off Latex-free Tape Cuticle Guide Protecting Adhesive U-Shape Nail Polish Protector Tapes. They are now half-price and cost 2,05€, which is quite convenient as you’ll get two sheets of 10 pieces each, for a total of 20 pieces. Moreover, you can use my code ANGOLO to get a 10% off discount sitewide. Just be prepared to wait, as packages may need some time to arrive (in my case they took 3 months to come in Italy!).

After doing all the steps I told you above, this is how my manicure looked:

BeautyBigBang Nail Protector

As you can see the colours look confused and randomly mixed one to another in a messy way, but don’t worry: this is what usually happens when working with a sponge! You’ll just need to apply a glossy top coat to see your nail art change and show its gorgeousness! Don’t you believe it? Look at the final result! 😀

Galaxy Nails with piCture pOlish

This was the base technique required to create a galaxy nail art, but you can complete your manicure by adding some more details: you can use a glitter topper or paint some white little dots and stars or even stamp something! It’s all up to you and your creativity!
Personally I limited myself to the steps I told you above, as the piCture pOlish shades I used were sparkly and glittery enough that I didn’t feel the need to add anything else.

Hope you liked this nail art! For every question leave me a comment: I’ll be happy to answer!

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