BeautyBigBang, Holo Flakes Nail Powder

Hi loves! As you know, special effect powders are one of the latest nail trends, and that’s why today I want to show you a beautiful silvery holo powder by BeautyBigBang with tons of flakes inside (*).

Special effect powders require to be used over gel polish with gel no-wipe top coat: I used this one over black gel polish and I think it looks pretty cool! Anyway, this powder has so many flakes that I think it can probably be used even over wet regular nail polish (for example, you can try to create a gradient effect!). Personally I don’t think I will try, as I prefer using powders with gel nail polish, but if you do let me know about the result!

On nails this powder looks incredible: it’s super sparkly and the linear holo effect is pretty cool – both in the shade and in the sunlight! For my pictures I did two coats of black gel polish and one of no-wipe gel top coat. Then I applied the powder on my ring finger and sealed it with another layer of gel top coat. This is the final look:

BeautyBigBang, Holo Flakes Nail Powder

This powder is now discounted to 2.43 USD and is available at BeautyBigBang website: 0.2g/Box Chrome Flakes Nail Powder Galaxy Holo Flakes Nail Art Glitter Decoration (code SKU: J2425). Moreover, you can use the coupon code ANGOLO to get a 10% off discount sitewide!

If you wear gel nail polish often, you like sparkly nails and want to get the look I showed you today I’d suggest you to try this powder – just be prepared to wait some time for your package to arrive (in my case, it took more than 3 months to arrive in Italy).

Do you like this kind of special effect powders? Have you ever tried them? Let me know in comments!

(*) press sample

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