Cadillacquer, Fan Collection 2018

Cadillacquer, Fan Collection 2018

Hello lovelies! Today I’m showing you the gorgeous Fan Collection 2018 by Cadillacquer, that consists of eight stunning nail polishes created in collaboration with eight different nail-addicts. What I love of this collection is that every nail polish tells a different story and lets us discover more about the person and the inspiration that brought it to life.

A curious fact about the Fan Collection 2018 is that it includes only cold-toned shades: are you ready to see some swatches and to know something about the ladies who created them?

Cadillacquer, BSoD

Let’s begin with BSoD (Blue Screen of Death), a collaboration shade with @langolodeglismalti…which means me! 😀 BSoD is inspired to the homonym Windows screen that displays when a critical error occurs – actually, this is one of the worst nightmares of a computer user! As a geeky computer nerd I guess that this had definitely to be my shade 😀

BSoD is a blue jelly with different-sized white hex glitter. I love that shade of blue: it’s so unexpected and breathtaking!

Considering that we are talking about a jelly, I found the formula quite good and not too difficult to apply. Normally three coats are enough to make it opaque, but, since my camera has some difficulties with jellies, I had to paint four coats.  This was only a photographic necessity: if I had to wear BSoD without making the photos, I would have probably painted just three coats.

Since there are so many things that I would like to tell you about my collaboration shade, I dedicated it a full post: Meet BSoD, my Cadillacquer collaboration shade!

Cadillacquer × langolodeglismalti, BSoD

Cadillacquer × upadaisynails, From The Ashes

From The Ashes is a collaboration with Alessandra aka @upadaisynails and is inspired by Fawkes, the phoenix of Harry Potter, a mythological bird that ciclically dies into flames and then regenerates from its ashes.

From The Ashes has a holo greyish light blue base filled with tons of small glitter in warm colors (gold, orange, red, violet) and small turquoise flakies. On the nails it looks even more beautiful than in the bottle, I really love it!

Formula is easy to apply, dries quickly and reaches full opacity in 2-3 coats. It dries textured and a bit matte, so I suggest to apply a glossy top coat to make it shine and sparkle even more.

In my pictures you see three coats plus top coat.

Cadillacquer × upadaisynails, From The Ashes

Cadillacquer × my_apawcalypse, Devotion

Devotion, a collaboration shade with Ilaria aka @my_apawcalypse, is inspired by one of the most famous songs by Apocalyptica: Bittersweet (by the way, I love that song!).

Devotion is a wonderful dark purple with fuchsia shimmer and a sprinkle of gold holo glitter. What I love of this shade is that it continuously changes its appearance according to the light, due to the many different reflections. For example, under a direct light you will notice more the holo glitter, while with indirect light the fuchsia shimmer becomes very visible.

Formula is great and needs 2-3 coats to be opaque. For my pictures I painted three coats plus top coat.

Sadly I wasn’t able to capture properly the fuchsia shimmer, as I use direct light to take photos, but I can assure you that it’s very strong in real life.

Cadillacquer × my_apawcalypse, Devotion

Cadillacquer × _apple_tea, Princess Swan

Princess Swan is inspired by the painting The Swan Princess from the Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel and it’s a collaboration shade with Anna aka @_apple_tea.

Princess Swan is a greyish light blue crelly with small hex and big square red metallic glitter. When I saw this shade from the bottle I thought it wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but I have to say that I totally changed my mind when I put it on my nails, as I really liked wearing it!

Formula is just perfect: smooth and easy to apply, it reaches full opacity in three coats.

In my photos you see three coats plus top coat. Please note that this swatch is not 100% colour accurate: in real life this shade is a bit lighter and more greyish and desaturated than in my pictures.

Cadillacquer × _apple_tea, Princess Swan

Cadillacquer × little_zzi, White Night

White Night is a collaboration with Maria aka @little_zzi and is inspired by a natural phenomenon: the one that occurs beyond the two Polar Circles (Arctic and Antarctic), when in summer the sun remains visible also at night.

White Night perfectly represents its inspiration: it’s a grey holo crelly with different sized metallic orange hex glitter. It really makes me think of a grey sky enlightened by sun’s rays!

As for BSoD, also White Night reaches full coverage in three coats, but I had to paint four in order to make it look at its best in pictures. For this reason in my pictures you see four coats plus top coat.

Cadillacquer × little_zzi, White Night

Cadillacquer × bepinselt, Dean

If you watch Supernatural you will surely appreciate the inspiration behind this nail polish: it’s named Dean and it has the same name of the character of the popular TV show. It’s created in collaboration with Anja aka @bepinselt.

Cadillacquer defines Dean as a black holo with a strong red shimmer. Actually, I see also a strong maroon component in the base colour, probably due to the warm toned shimmer. Just like Devotion, also Dean changes according to the light, and that what it makes me like this nail polish pretty much.

Dean needs only two coats to be perfectly opaque, so in my pics you see two coats plus top coat.

Cadillacquer × bepinselt, Dean

Cadillacquer × vlada_gerra, Odette

Odette, a collaboration shade with Vlada aka @vlada_gerra, is inspired to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake: Odette is a character of the popular ballet, a beautiful princess forced by an enchantment to turn by day into a swan until she finds her true love.

Odette is a nail polish with a slightly holographic light grey base and different sized hex silver glitter. A very elegant, soft and delicate shade.

In my pictures you see three coats plus top coat.

Cadillacquer × vlada_gerra, Odette

Cadillacquer × thenailpolishhoarder, Gold Rush

The last nail polish from the collection is Gold Rush, made in collaboration with Maria aka @thenailpolishhoarder and inspired to the precious treasures hidden in deep seas.

Gold Rush recalls its inspiration with a jelly dark turquoise base and many yellow-green metallic glitter.

Gold Rush‘s formula is probably the most difficult of the collection to handle with, since it tends to be a bit thick. For this reason I would recommend you to make very thin coats in order to avoid making the nail surface look patchy.

Gold Rush needs at least three coats to be opaque, but personally I prefer wearing it with four coats. Unlike BSoD and White Night, for Gold Rush I would paint four coats not only for photographic purposes, but also for wearing it normally: with four coats the colour is deeper and glitter spread better. In my pics you see three coats plus top coat.

Cadillacquer × thenailpolishhoarder, Gold Rush

In conclusion, I must say that I really really liked this collection for more than one reason: first and more obvious, because all the shades are beautiful, and second, because it has a huge sentimental value to me. Indeed, besides my BSoD, you need to know that From The Ashes and Devotion are created by two of my best nail friends!
Having the opportunity to receive and swatch the Fan Collection 2018 gave me a lot of positive feelings: discovering the nail polishes before their official launch, knowing the ladies who created them and the ideas they had has been really beautiful. That’s why it’s impossible for me to decide my most and least favourites of the collection – every shade is amazing in its own way!

With Fan Collection 2018 Cadillacquer confirms itself as one of my favourites indie brands: just the idea of dedicating a collection to its fans shows how much love Madeleine – Cadillacquer‘s owner and creator – puts in her job.

Cadillacquer nail polishes can be bought online from the brand’s stockists: Hypnotic Polish in Europe, Color4Nails and Whats Up Nails in the USA, Lakodom in Russia. Fan Collection 2018 is already available at Whats Up Nails, while it will be launched at Hypnotic Polish today (February 21st). On the other hand, Color4Nails and Lakodom will have it by the end of the month.

Now I’m curious to read your thoughts: what do you think of this collection? 😀

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