Easy Poppies Nail Art (A England, MILV)

Floral manicures are one of the most loved nail trends ever: classy, elegant and never boring, they are perfect for women of all ages and can be worn in every season. Well, today I’d like to show you a nail art with poppies which is super quick and easy to do.

All I had to do to create this manicure is to apply water decals over nail polish (Symphony in Green and Gold di A England). Water decals are great for lazy nail arts, since they are printed designs ready to be placed on nails! If you don’t know how to use them, you may be interested in reading my post where I explain how to apply water decals.

I used J 209p water decals by MILV, that have many different-sized poppies designs with a precious metallic outline. MILV is one of my favourite water decals’ brand because of the great quality and the high variety of their products.

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All my nail arts with MILV decals: Nail Art – Water Decals – MILV

Photo Credits: http://milvart.com

MILV water decals can be bought from the official MilvArt website, that ships worldwide from Russia at very cheap shipping rates.

That’s all for today, let me know if you like this nail art!

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