Uberchic Beauty, Collection 01

Hi loves! Today I’m showing you the Collection 01 from the popular stamping brand Uberchic Beauty (*)! This collection is made of three different plates with many various patterns.

What I love of Uberchic stamping plates is that they are so perfectly engraved that even the smallest lines transfer perfectly, together with the gorgeousness of their designs and the big size of their plates: they are huge, extra large plate (almost three times bigger than MoYou plates or Born Pretty rectangular plates).

Photo Credits: www.uberchicbeauty.com

The three plates of Collection 01 are not sold separately, so the only way to get them is to buy the whole collection, which costs 24.99$. You can purchase Uberchic directly from the official brand’s website or from its stockists – you have to see what it’s most convenient to you according to the place where you live!

Now, let’s see these three plates in detail: for each plate I created some manicures – in the end you will tell me which one is your favourite!

Photo Credits: www.uberchicbeauty.com

Plate 01 (UC 1-01) includes many geometric patterns that remind me of vintage designs from the 60s and the 70s. UC 1-01 plate has 24 full-nail patterns and 11 single designs, and most of them are meant to be used together.

First, I did a back to the 60s mani with Ice Breaker by Kinetics and white stamping polish by Moyra.

Uberchic Beauty, UC 1-01

The other mani I did with this plate is quite different, and reminds me of a starry sky at night. I used Nocturne by A England for the background and I stamped with Moyra white stamping polish.

Uberchic Beauty, UC 1-01

Photo Credits: www.uberchicbeauty.com

Plate 02 (UC 1-02) is my favourite from Collection 01, due to the gorgeous floral and demask designs. Here we have 20 full-nail patterns, 4 big single designs and 7 small single designs.

Here I decided to stamp a paisley design over Love In The Snow nail polish by Kinetics with Moyra blue stamping polish. Then, I used Barry M matte top coat to give my nail art a velvety finish.

Uberchic Beauty, UC 1-02

For my second mani I used a floral design over Carnation Lily Lily Rose by A England, stamped with the purple stamping polish by Born Pretty Store.

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Uberchic Beauty, UC 1-02

Photo Credits: www.uberchicbeauty.com

Plate 03 (UC 1-03) has many different designs: floral, geometric, hearts, keys and much more – there’s almost everything! Here we have 24 full-nail designs and 10 single designs.

This time I did some Valentine nails, stamping some hearts with Café au Lait by MoYou London over Cold Days, Warm Hearts by Kinetics.

Uberchic Beauty, UC 1-03

Then, I used the fishnet-like pattern to create the mermaid nails I showed you in my previous post.

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Uberchic Beauty, UC 1-03

Then, I decided to use the pattern with keys to make a double stamping manicure. I used Olivia by Mi-Ny for the background and stamped with two Born Pretty Store stamping polishes (a brown and a gold one). To complete the design, I used Barry M matte top coat.


As you can see, Collection 01 offers so many possibilities for many different nail designs! And the quality is just perfect!

Please note that the nail polishes by Kinetics that I used in this post all belong to the Love In The Snow collection that I reviewed a few days ago.

Read the review: Kinetics, Love In The Snow Collection

On the other hand, A England nail polishes belong to the Sargent’s Vision collection.

But now tell me: which nail art of these do you prefer?

(*) press sample

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