Easy Mermaid Nail Art (A England, Uberchic, BeautyBigBang)

Hi loves! One of the most popular and appreciated trends in nail art is the one about mermaid nails: fish scales, glitter, pearls, starfishes and seashells are the key of its success.

So, why not showing you my personal interpretation of this manicure? My intention was to create something quick and easy to do: the only skill requested is to know how to do nail stamping.

Mermaid Nails

Step zero: put on a protective base coat – and never never never forget about this step!

First step: paint your nails! I used the gorgeous Symphony in Blue and Silver by A England, that belongs to the Sargent’s Vision collection – which I’ll be showing you pretty soon! Two easy and quick-dry coats and we’re ready to go to the next step.

Second step: stamp! Choose a mermaid scales or a fishnet pattern and stamp it on the nails! I used a fishnet-like pattern that comes from plate 03 of the Collection 01 by Uberchic Beauty (*) – that I’ll review in my next post! I stamped with a blue stamping polish by Moyra and the Crystal Clear Stamper by MoYou London.

Third step: top coat and seashells! After you finished your stamping, paint one coat of glossy top coat. I used Gel-Look top coat by Essence, which is very recommended for nail arts since it doesn’t smudge the designs. While the top coat is still wet, apply 3D decorations such seashells, starfishes, seahorses and whatever you like. Personally I used some 3D decorations that come from a wheel by BeautyBigBang (*), a site that sells nail supplies at low prices.

BeautyBigBang Nail Studs

A England nail polish, Uberchic plates, MoYou stamper and Moyra stamping polish come from Guerrilla Nails and Nailland, two gorgeous online nail shops (the first one is Italian, while the second is Hungarian).

3D decorations come from BeautyBigBang online shop and cost 3,25€ (now discounted to 2,44€) with free worldwide shipping. I like them since the wheel contains both gold and silver decorations, and the size is good also for short nails. You can find them here: Sea Horse Shell Nail Studs Wheel (code SKU:J2442). I would recommend them, but always consider that BeautyBigBang ships from Asia and therefore your package may take some time to arrive (one month or more, depending where you live!). Also, with my coupon code ANGOLO you can have a 10% off discount on your orders.

So, what do you think of mermaid nails trend?

(*) press sample

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