Cirque Colors, Prima Donna

Hi lovelies, happy 2018! Is there a better way to start the new year than showing you the nail polish I was wearing for the New Year’s Eve? 😀 Well, the nail polish I’m talking about is named Prima Donna and it is one of the latest releases of the indie brand Cirque Colors.

Prima Donna is a thermal metallic foil nail polish that changes its color according to the temperature: it shifts from rose gold when cold to white gold when warm. Prima Donna reacts pretty fast to temperature changes, so you will see your nails change color many times during the day 🙂
Both the shades of Prima Donna are very elegant and shine like precious metals. They make nails look super chic!

This is how Prima Donna looks when warm:

Cirque Colors, Prima Donna (warm)

As the temperature starts to get colder, it starts changing its color. Here I captured the shift from warm to cold:

Cirque Colors, Prima Donna (shift)

Lastly, this is how it looks when cold:

Cirque Colors, Prima Donna (cold)

Formula is a bit thick, but still smooth and easy to apply. This nail polish is perfectly opaque in two coats and dries pretty fast. Also, it dries matte, so consider applying a glossy top coat to make it shine and sparkle.

Prima Donna is part of the Holiday 2017 collection and it is the first Cirque nail polish I wear (i bought it at Nailland during Black Friday sales). It costs 12.90 € and it comes in a 13 ml bottle. If you are willing to buy it, I’d suggest you to do it as soon as possible, since it’s a limited edition!

Cirque Colors, Prima Donna (macro)

I fell in love with Prima Donna immediately – as soon as I saw it online! – and now that I can see it in real life I like it even more! It’s simply stunning and I’m really happy to own it. What do you think of this shade?

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