Kinetics, Hedonist Collection (Pre F/W 2017)

Kinetics, Hedonist

Hi loves! Today I have the swatches of the Hedonist collection by Kinetics (*), made up of 8 nail polishes launched for Pre Fall/Winter 2017. Every Kinetics’ collection comes both in Solar Gel (= regular polish) and SHIELD ( = gel polish) version. This time I had the chance to try the SHIELD version of the collection.

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Before showing you the swatches I would like to say something about these gel polishes. Formula is generally good, it’s thick and smooth and quite easy to apply. Both dark and light colours reach full coverage in two coats. These gels work with UV or LED lamps – I used my 24W LED lamp and everything was fine.

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Hedonist collection counts mainly reds and nudes/pinks, and it is made of four delicate shades and four stronger and more vivid shades. Let’s see them together!

Kinetics, Lost Soul

Lost Soul (n. 373) is a delicate light pink/lilac. It is so pale that it almost looks white in pictures. Such a soft and tender shade! I would love to see it on a dark skintone.

Two coats plus SHIELD top coat.

Kinetics, Wasted Beauty

Another soft shade of the collection: Wasted Beauty (n. 374). It’s a pastel dusty pink, elegant and intriguing. I like it!

Two coats plus SHIELD top coat.

Kinetics, Body Language

Body Language (n. 375) is a orangey nude, almost a light burnt sienna shade. A lovely choice for autumn.

Two coats plus SHIELD top coat.

Kinetics, Ex's

The last light colour of the collection is Ex’s (n. 376) – isn’t this name gorgeous? 😀 Ex’s is a dusty greyish lilac that reminds me of the sky in rainy days. Amazing.

Two coats plus SHIELD top coat.

Kinetics, I'm not that kind

Now, let’s begin with the darker and stronger shades. This beauty is I’m Not That Kind (n. 377), a deep neon purple.

Two coats plus SHIELD top coat.

Kinetics, Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game (n. 378) is one of the NPAs’ most loved colours of the Hedonist collection 😀 It’s a gorgeous army green that also has something of a teal. I like it because it’s an unusual colour but it can match many different outfits.

Two coats plus SHIELD top coat.

Kinetics, Senseless Desire

Last two shades of the Hedonist collection are two reds. First is Senseless Desire (n. 379), which is also my favourite of the whole collection. I love it because it is a warm-toned red, a bit dusty and desaturated. Stunning!

Two coats plus SHIELD top coat.

Kinetics, Hedonist Red

The last one is Hedonist Red (n. 380), the most loved colour together with Dangerous Game. It’s a deep velvety cherry red, deep and sexy.

Two coats plus SHIELD top coat.

What I most appreciate of Kinetics collections is that they include both traditional and unconventional shades. Every colour seems to be studied and carefully chosen, so that their nail polishes look always elegant and sophisticated.

Personally I tend to prefer dark and/or bright nail polishes, and that’s why my favourite shades of the Hedonist collection are the last four – Senseless Desire above all!

If you want to know more about Kinetics you can visit their official website

Now that you have seen all the shades of the Hedonist collection, tell me: which one do you like the most? 😀

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