Silcare, Color It! Gel Polishes: n. 130, n. 690, n. 780, n. 1400

Hi ladies!

If you are following me on Instagram (@langolodeglismalti) you will probably know what this post is about, since I already posted the pics here! Well, today’s post is about four gorgeous gel polishes (*) of the Color It! line by the Polish brand Silcare, that I liked for many reasons.

Let’s start talking with the price: gel polishes (at least the good ones) are usually more expensive than regular ones, and therefore it’s hard to find something good that costs less than 10€. The ones by Silcare are an exception, since they only cost 3.99€. You can find a huge selection of Silcare gel polishes on the Italian web shop Guerrilla Nails, that is becoming a milestone for us Italian nail addicts! They ship abroad and you can also have a 10% off discount on your orders with my code LADS10.
Silcare gel polishes are great not only for the price, but also for the quality and the huge colour choice – some shades are really unique and new, not boring at all! You will see on my swatches!

Let me say something else about this gel polishes before going on with the pics. First, they come in a 6 g bottle and they work both under UV and LED lamp. Sadly, it seems that there is no way to know how many Watts are required to make these polishes dry correctly. What I can say is that they worked perfectly under my 24W LED lamp (SunUV, Sun 9c LED Lamp 24W) with these timings: 120 seconds for base coat, 60 seconds for the coloured gel polish, 90 seconds for top coat.

The brush is very precise and formula has the right consistency, so it is very easy to make super thin coats. There is only one thing that I didn’t like of the formula, especially in darker shades: it tends to shrink a lot leaving the edge of the nail without nail polish. I tried to wipe off the nail surface with the cleanser after applying the base coat and after the first coat of coloured gel, and it worked quite fine, even if it didn’t completely solve the issue.
Even if this polishes are quite resistant, they are still very easy to remove: after soaking my nails for 10 minutes in acethone with the foil method the gel polish came away like fab!

Now I think I talked too much: it’s time to make my pictures speak! In every pic I am wearing gel base coat and gel top coat by Silcare. Let me know what you think of them!

Let’s begin with n. 130, a gorgeous fire red that brings me back to the 50s and reminds me of the pinup style. Glossy, smooth and bright: can you imagine anything better?

Two coats plus top coat.

N. 690 is an elegant and unique orchid pink. To be honest, this is the one that surprised me the most, since it is much different from the typical pink nail polishes, which is definitely a plus to me.

Two coats plus top coat.

Now let’s talk about n. 780, the one that mostly meets my taste and my style. It’s a dark army green that looks almost brown under certain lights. I find it perfect for autumn and incredibly beautiful on pale skintones.

Unless the other gel polishes, this one is less opaque, therefore here you see three coats plus top coat.

Last, but not least, a nude gel polish. This one is n. 1400 and it is super classy. I find it perfect in every occasion but especially when it might be better to choose neutral colours.

Two coats plus top coat.

So, if I put on the balance the pros (price, durability, colours, formula, easy removal) and the cons (the coloured gel tends to shrink) of these gel polishes I can say that they made me a really good impression, and I would recommend them especially for the great price/quality ratio. You can find them at Guerrilla Nails on the section dedicated to Silcare gel polishes, together with gel base and top coat. There are so many colours that you’ll surely fall in love!

What do you think of this gel polishes? Which one is your favourite?




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