Born Pretty Store, Rose Gold Mirror Powder

1 Box 2g 10g BORN PRETTY Rose Gold Mirror Powder Manicure Nail Art Glitter Chrome Pigment

Hi loves!

Special effect powders (especially the mirror effect ones) for nail art are one of the greatest trends of 2017, together with the colour rose gold, that we have seen almost everywhere. So, wouldn’t it be gorgeous to have rose gold mirror effect nails? :O

This is exactly what I had in my mind while I decided to try the rose gold mirror powder by Born Pretty Store: I really wanted to have a super trendy manicure! Well, let’s see if finally I had the manicure I wanted!

Before telling you my opinions, I’ll give you some general information: this powder comes in a 2g plastic box and you will receive also a sponge applicator with it.

As any other special effect powder, also this one requires to be applied over a no-wipe gel top coat. If you use it over any other kind of gel or regular nail polish it won’t work. After applying this powder you will have to do another coat of top coat to seal the manicure.

Full-priced this powder costs 7.99 dollars, but now it is discounted to 2.99. You can find it here: 1 Box 2g 10g BORN PRETTY Rose Gold Mirror Powder Manicure Nail Art Glitter Chrome Pigment.

Now, let’s talk about my opinions: on one hand I really like the quality of this powder, that I find really good, but on the other hand I am a bit disappointed about the colour. I was expecting to have a rose gold manicure, and instead I had a orange bronze one.

In my pictures I am wearing this powder over a white gel base (from Born Pretty Store as well), but I tried it also over red, pink, black and bordeaux, but the final result always looks more gold than rose.

Would I suggest buying it or not? Well, if you want a true rose gold manicure, I wouldn’t suggest this purchase. But, if you want a bronze/gold powder, yes, this could be the right choice for you, also because of the good quality! I would suggest you to buy it when it is discounted, but anyway you can use my code DEGX31 to have a 10% off discount on full priced items on Born Pretty Store!

What do you think of it? Have you ever tried this special effect powders? I would love to hear your thoughts!




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