MILV, Water Decals N 852p

Hi lovelies!

I still have some decals by MILV to show you: I already wrote about the full-nail decals (MILV, Water Decals J 183) and the ones that are meant to create a complete manicure (MILV, Water Decals N 704), now it’s time to talk about the ones with single designs!

MILV sells many decals with single designs, and for my manicure I chose the feathers of water decals N 852p.

Water decals N 852p have a lot of colourful feathers. These decals do not require a white base, and, since they do not have the protective plastic film, they are ready to use.

I explained how to apply water decals in this post: All about water decals!

Here is the complete list of the products I used for this mani:

  • Kinetics, Rub The Lamp (review)
  • Kinetics, Grand Bazaar (review)
  • Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
  • MILV, Water Decals N 852p
  • Kinetics, Solar Gel Top Coat

That’s all for today! Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a nice day!



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