MILV, Water Decals N 704

Hi lovelies!

As promised, I’m going on to show you MILV decals on my nails. I wrote a complete review of these decals in this post: MILV, Water Decals.

Today’s post is dedicated to water decals N 704 (*), ten full-nail decals for a complete and perfectly matching manicure.

Decals N 704 are mainly black and orange, and they are made original by the zip detail. The black parts have a slight shimmer effect.

These decals require a white base to work correctly, so I did to coats of Snow Me White by Sinful Colors before applying them. Since they are very wide and long, you’d better cut them to your nail size before applying them. Try not to do clean-up after you’ve applied them, because you can accidentally take away some portions of the design and show the white base instead.

These decals are really nice, but they may not be the best choice for girls with very short nails, since the zip is quite big. Instead I think that they will look great on long nails!

Decals N 704 cost 1.99 dollars and can be purchased from international resellers and MILV website (here: N 704).

So, what do you think of this manicure? I like it, even if I must admit that I prefer the one I showed you in my previous post (MILV, Water Decals J 183)!

Kisses, see you soon!




(*) press sample

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