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In my last post I wrote some general information about water decals and how to use them (All about water decals!), and now I would like to review some decals by MILV.

MILV is a russian brand that produces high-quality nail decorations: its water decals are very well-known worldwide, but it also produces nail stencils and crystal decorations. Despite of the great quality, the price of MILV products is quite low, and they are also easy to find in online stores.

Today I will just talk about MILV water decals, but in my future posts I will also review stencils and decorations.

MILV has a huge selection of water decals: some of them are full-nail decals that are great to create a complete manicure, while others have single designs that can be placed wherever you want. There are also decals from the Jewelry collection that have some precious metallic details (usually in gold and silver). MILV decals have many different patterns: there are a lot of floral designs, but there are also many other designs (such as geometrical, abstract and so on).

Some decals require a white base (and in this case you will find it written on the sheet), while some others can be applied over any colour. MILV water decals do not have the protective plastic film, so they can be used immediately.

Single designs

Some decals have single designs and therefore are perfect for both short and long nails. Usually this kind of decals does not require a white base and it can be applied over any colour. Water decals N 852p have lovely watercolour feathers and are a very cute example of how this kind of decals looks.

MILV website offers a quick video tutorial on how to use single designs decals. I’m including it in this post.

Full nail designs

Full nail decals are my favourites. Most of them require a white base – with some exceptions – and allow you to create incredible manicures in a small amount of time. They are very long and wide and so they will fit almost every nail size, even if some of them will not look so good on very short nails.

Water decals J 183 and J 194 have full nail designs and they both belong also to the Jewerly collection, due to their golden details. MILV suggests to cut decals to make them fit your nail size before applying them, and I think that this is a good idea, since I tried to remove the excess directly on nail and I had some trouble. Anyway you can follow the steps of this video – made by MILV – to make sure to apply these decals correctly.

Full nail designs – complete manicure

Some full nail decals have different patterns and are meant to create a complete manicure. Zero thoughts, maximum result! Just paint your nails with a white base and apply your decals!

Water decals N 704 and N 779 are perfect to create a complete manicure, but also decals F 84 from the Jewelry collection would be great (and they doesn’t even require a white base!).

MILV decals can be applied both over regular and gel nail polish. They will last as long as the nail polish you are wearing as a base 😉

These items have low prices (about 2 dollars each sheet) and can be purchased from many different online stores. MILV has several stockists worldwide, but it also sells directly from the official site Shipping costs 5 dollars and is free for orders over 45 dollars. A tracking code is also provided.

So, do you like these decals? In my next posts I will show them on nails, so keep following me!





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