All about Water Decals!

Good morning girls!

Today I want to talk about water decals: what are they? hoy do you use them? where can you buy them?

What are water decals

Water decals (or waterslide decals) are designs and patterns printed over a thin film that lays on a piece of cardboard. Once soaked into water the designs will separate from the cardboard and they will be ready to be placed on nails.

Some decals are meant to cover the whole nail, while some others have single designs. Water decals need to be applied over completely dry nail polish. Some decals, especially the full-nail ones, require to wear white nail polish as a base, while some others can be placed over any colour.

Since they are simply printed designs, water decals give you the opportunity to create many different and original manicures with a professional look without any trouble! The only thing that I don’t like about water decals is that they can’t be reused: you wear them one time and then they’re gone. Anyway, they are very cheap so it isn’t really a problem!

How to use water decals

Water decals are super quick and easy to use! You will just need scissors, a bowl full of water and eventually some tweezers to help you place the design.

  • First thing to do is to cut the desired part of the design.
  • Some decals (but not all of them) have a protective transparent plastic film. Check if your decals have this protection and, if they do, remove it. Usually you can find this information written on the package, but anyway you can see it: if the decals’ surface is glossy there will probably be the protection, if it’s more opaque and rough there won’t probably be the protection.
  • Soak the piece you cut into water and then wait for some seconds until the design will separate from the cardboard.
  • Pick the design with tweezers and then place it on your nail. You will be able to replace it until it’s wet.
  • Remove the excess water with a towel.
  • Apply top coat!

Where to buy them

Water decals are quite easy to find online and in stores.

Both physical and online stores with a good selection of nail supplies will probably sell water decals as well.

For what it concerns online stores, you can find decals on asiatic shops such as Aliexpress and Born Pretty Store, or on occidental shops such as Hypnotic Polish. Prices are always low (1-2€), and there is almost no difference between asiatic and occidental prices. The decals I own come from many different sites, but my favourites are from the Russian brand MILV, because it has greI prezzi sono sempre molto bassi at quality water decals with lovely images! I will talk again about MILV in my next posts.

That’s all for today: I hope this post was useful for everyone who wanted to discover more about water decals! I have some water decals to review in the next posts, so stay tuned and keep following me to see them! 🙂

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