Masura, Emerald Sari

Hi loves!

Let’s start our week with a gorgeous magical nail polish: Emerald Sari by Masura. Its magic comes from its magnetic effect, which makes the colour particles react when using a magnet over it.

Masura is a quite popular Russian brand, very well-known for its magnetic polishes. Prices are fairly low and go from 4 to 4 to 7 euros. As always, the best way to buy them is online, but luckily there are many e-stores that sell Masura! For me, that I live in Italy, the best options are always Nailland (Hungary) and Hypnotic Polish (The Nederlands).

Emerald Sari (number 904-178) belongs to the Precious Stones collection by Masura. It comes inside a 11 ml bottle and in Europe it retails for about 6-7 €. I bought this from Hypnotic Polish.

If applied as a regular nail polish it looks like a metallic forest green, but it’s only after using a magnet that it reveals its real nature!

The portion of nail below the magnet will be lighter, while the other parts of nail will become darker and show a subtle golden shimmer – in the photos it looks stronger than it really is in real life!

Emerald Sari reaches full opacity after 2 coats and has a very nice formula. In my pictures you see it in two coats with top coat.

To obtain a cool magnetic effect you must place the magnet over the nail polish (about 0,5 cm far from the nail) when it’s still wet and then wait for some seconds. You need to repeat this step for every coat and even after top coat. It’s really important to use the magnet when nail polish is wet, therefore it’s better to paint one nail at a time.

I used the magnet by Masura and for the steps to follow I referred to a video filmed by Sveta Sanders for (you can find it below).

So, what do you think of Emerald Sari?

Personally I don’t always like magnetic polishes, but the ones by Masura are always stealing my heart: it looks like I’m wearing precious stones on my nails!

Kisses, see you soon!



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