Essence, Out Of Space Stories Collection: Outta Space Is The Place, Space Glam, Beam Me Up!, 1000 Light Years Away

Long time ago, in a galay far far away…Essence launched the new collection Out Of Space Stories!

This summer Essence came out with a stunning nail polish collection inspired to space adventures! It’s made up of 7 nail polishes with different finishes and with galactic names, colours and packages! Did you know that the labels also glow in the dark? 😀

Nail polishes from the Out Of Space Stories collection are sold in 9 ml bottles and retail for 2,49€ each. It’s impossible not to fall in love with them!

Even if I wanted to grab the entire collection, I limited myself to four shades: Outta Space Is The Place, Space Glam, Beam Me Up! and 1000 Light Years Away. Let’s discover them together!

Outta Space Is The Place (n. 01) is a pinkish mother-of-pearl with a light green shimmer. Really hard to capture in photo!

Of the four nail polishes I bought, this is the one with the worst formula: it’s really thick and difficult to apply, and it also takes a while to dry. Anyway the colour is nice and if you like elegant but yet original shades this might be the ideal for you.

Three coats plus top coat.

Space Glam (n. 03) is a really peculiar shade: a metallic violet with a strong golden shimmer that makes this polish look like a duochrome.
On the nails it looks considerably different than in the bottle: I expected it to be darker and with a more dramatic effect. It looks nice anyway, but I would have appreciated it much more if it was like in the bottle.

Formula is liquid and application is easy: it is possible to apply thin coats that dry very fast.

Three coats plus top coat.

Beam Me Up! (n. 04) is my favourite of the four nail polishes I own: it’s a stunning shade of fuchsia with holo scattered finish. I didn’t want to take it off anymore!

Formula is great: opaque, easy to apply and quick-drying.

Two coats plus top coat.

1000 Light Years Away (n. 07) is the last nail polish of the collection. It’s a beautiful black with silver and holographic microglitter and paillettes. I like it pretty much!

Formula is fine, just remember to wear it with a glossy top coat, since it dries a little bit textured and not so glossy. As any other glitter nail polish, also this one is tricky to remove: better to wear it with a peel-off base coat.

Three coats plus top coat.

Beyond the four nail polishes I’ve shown you above, there are three other shades: Space Is The Place (n. 02), Intergalactic Adventure (n. 05) and We Will Spock You (n. 06).

Out Of Space Stories collection is part of the new entries for spring/summer 2017, and it doesn’t belong to a trend edition, which means that it shouldn’t be a limited edition (at least until Essence decides to take it off the shelves)!

This time Essence really impressed me: even if it’s a low-cost brand, these nail polishes are really nice and original, with many different colours and shades. Just think that there is a elegant mother-of-pearl and a rock glittery black!

What do you think of this collection? Have you seen these nail polishes in stores? Which one is your favourite?




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