Guerrilla Nails: my shopping experience!

Hi ladies!

Today I want to tell you my latest shopping experience on the italian online store Guerrilla Nails!

Guerrilla Nails is a new online store that sells indie nail polishes and beautiful nail supplies. For us Italians this is pretty exciting, since it is the only Italian store that sells these kind of products! For this reason, this post will be mainly dedicated to Italian girls, but I will add some information about the shop also in English, in case you are interested.

Guerrilla Nails is a small reality still growing, and for this reason it doesn’t have the same great choice of other better-known nail supplies shops, but it already has a lovely selection of great items! The most interesting products are, in my opinion, A England and Il était un vernis (IEUV) nail polishes and MoYou London, Uberchic Beauty and WhatsUp Nails nail art and stamping supplies. Beyond these brands, you’ll find also nail polishes by PaintGlow and Fairypants and manicure supplies by Silcare, TheTweexy, NailNeeds, Rainbow Connection and Filosofille. There are both cheap and more expensive products, so Guerrilla Nails will satisfy everyone!
Plus, Guerrilla Nails is a company entirely run by women, and that makes me even happier to support it!

I made my first Guerrilla Nails order a couple of months ago, because there was a very interesting offer on A England nail polishes. What I loved of the website is the incredible attention dedicated to every single product: every product information webpage contains super detailed descriptions about the product itself, the collection which it belongs to and its brand. The website is both in Italian and English, so navigation will be easy also for people who don’t speak Italian.

If you live in Italy, Guerrilla Nails has super cheap shipping fees, and that’s one of the reasons why I am enthusiast about this web shop. Sadly, if you live abroad shipping rates become higher: you can see the detailed costs here.
Guerrilla Nails accepts payments via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

I ordered three A England nail polishes, that came inside a cute recycled cardboard box that contained also a delicious lollipop.


I would also like to let you know that Guerrilla Nails offers several discount codes for their customers! When you open the website, it will appear a popup that invites you to subscribe to the newsletter, to like the Facebook page or to follow Guerrilla Nails on Twitter. If you do one of these three things you will get a 5€ off discount that can be used only one time.
There are also some bloggers and instagrammers who have 10% off discount codes for their followers. I had the chance to have a discount code dedicated to my blog and to my readers, therefore I want to share it with you! So, feel free to use the code LADS10 to have a 10% off discount on your orders – you can use this code every time!

So, as an Italian I am very happy to have finally an Italian web shop fully dedicated to indie nail polish and amazing nail art supplies. Sadly, since the shipping to other countries is pretty high, I don’t know if this web shop will be interesting also for non-Italian ladies. Anyway, Guerrilla Nails is still growing and maybe in the future shipping rates may become cheaper also for other countries: who knows? 😉

Hope you enjoyed my post!

Have a nice day



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