Mi-Ny, Nature Sourced Formula: Soft Pink Blossom, Red Rose

Hi lovelies!

If you are aware of ecological and environmental sustainability and you love buying natural and ecofriendly makeup products, today’s topic is for you!

You will probably know that there is a continuously growing part of the make-up industry formulating cosmetics with natural and environmental-friendly ingredients, but it’s still hard to find nail polishes with those characteristics. Of course there are 3, 4 and 5 free nail polishes, but natural ingredients are actually still not so common in nail polishes’ formulations.

Things started to change this year, when some brands launched new ecofriendly nail polishes’ collections: one of those brands is Mi-Ny with its new Nature Sourced Formula line, that includes 3 base coats, 1 top coat and 20 coloured nail polishes. According to what the brand says, these new nail polishes are formulated with 85% of natural ingredients and not tested on animals.

I had the opportunity to swatch two nail polishes from the new collection: Soft Pink Blossom and Red Rose (*). Let’s discover them!

Soft Pink Blossom is a pale delicate pink, perfect to wear at school, at work, or wherever you need your nails to look discreet.

It has quite a good coverage and two coats may be enought to get a perfect look. Personally I found it a little bit streaky, so I needed to apply the third coat to make the nail surface look flawless. It dries quickly and it looks glossy even without top coat.

Three coats, no top coat.

No better name than Red Rose to describe this shade. It’s not red, nor pink, nor bordeaux: it’s exactly how red roses look like!

It has a very high coverage right from the first coat, and it will look perfect with two coats. It dries quickly just like Soft Pink Blossom. It tends to lose its shininess a bit, so you really should wear it with a top coat to make it look really gorgeous.

Two coats, no top coat.

At present I can’t tell you about their lasting because I only swatched them, but I hope to edit this post in the future. This nail polishes come in 11 ml bottles and are sold for 9,50€ on Mi-Ny online shop (yes, they ship worldwide!).

Even if this nail polishes are formulated with natural ingredients, I warmly suggest you to wear them with a base. If you want to get a full ecofriendly manicure, you can also buy one of the base coats from the same collection.

Personally I buy any kind of nail polish, natural or not, but I know that many girls have made a life choice and buy only natural and ecofriendly products: ladies, these kind of nail polishes are just for you!

Which side are you? Dark side (buying any kind of nail polish, no matter what) or light side (only ecofriendly products)?



(*) press sample

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