SunUV, Sun9C Led Lamp 24W (Amazon)

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Let’s talk about gel nail polishes again: this time I am reviewing a wonderful 24W led lamp: SunUV 9C (*), available for purchase on Amazon.

Before reviewing this lamp, I want to say something first: if you have never applied gel nail polish before and you have to learn from the beginning, I suggest you to buy a complete starter kit with all the necessary for gel nail polish application instead of single products. In this case you will probably find useful my reviews of the two starter kits I own:

On the other hand, if you already know gel nail polishes and you are familiar with their application, you have probably noticed that the lamps from the starter kits aren’t powerful enough to dry any gel nail polish (they usually go from 4 to 9 watts). That’s what happened to me, and therefore I started to feel the need to buy a more powerful lamp that would work with gel polishes from any brand.

SunUV 9C lamp turned out to be the exactly the lamp I was looking for: powerful, reliable, resistant and cheap.

SunUV 9C lamp has 18 leds and a power of 24 watts. On the top of the lamp there is a button that works as a timer: if you push it one time the light will be on for 30 seconds, if you push it twice the lamp will work for 60 seconds. If you push the button three times the lamp will turn off. The lamp has also a infrared sensor, therefore it will automatically turn on when you put your hand under the lamp, and turn off when you take your hand out – otherwise it will turn off after 90 seconds.

SunUV 9C is a chinese manifactured lamp very reliable and well built. The CE marking can be found on one side of the lamp, on the box and even on the voltage transformer.
I would also suggest you to test every nail lamp you are buying by turning it on without your hands inside for the first time, so that you can verify that it works correctly and stay safe.

The price is really affordable, and much lower than other lamps of similar wattage (24/36W). You can find it on Amazon from the seller SUNUV Store at approximately 20-25€, depending on your country. Just go on Amazon (the one of your country) and type SUNUV Store on the search box: you will find the lamps sold by this seller and shipped by Amazon – which means that you can benefit from the super fast Amazon shipping service and even from Amazon Prime.

Before this lamp I used the Red Carpet Manicure one, that has a power of 6W. I like that lamp, but it didn’t work with all the gel polishes I had.

So I did my first attempt with SunUV lamp with those tricky gel polishes, and they all dried perfectly. And, since this made me very happy, I want to include the picture of one of those polishes in the end of this posts: the One Step gel polish n. 43, Texas, by Layla. It didn’t work under the Red Carpet lamp but it dried beautifully with the SunUV one. In my picture you see two coats without base and top coat, since it’s a one step gel!

It rarely happens that I’m satisfied with a product as much as I am with this lamp: I don’t know if this will work even for a professional use, but for me that I apply gel polish at home this is just perfect. I can’t tell you about its durability yet, but I will edit this post in the next months with some more details.

For now I would really recommend you this lamp from SunUV Store, especially if you are looking for a cheap but perfectly working lamp: it will be money well spent! 😉

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(*) press sample

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