Born Pretty Store, Clear Stamper

Hi ladies! Happy Easter!

It’s time to show you my Easter nails, together with the review of a new Born Pretty Store product I used in order to create this manicure. It’s a clear extra large stamper, very cheap and useful (*).

My Easter nail art required the stamping technique. In detail, I chose some geometric patterns that needed to be placed very precisely on nails, therefore a clear stamper was really helpful, because it allowed me to see the design while stamping!

This stamper by Born Pretty is quite large and is great to capture both big and small designs. It has a short transparent plastic handle which makes it easier to see the design while stamping. Sadly on the back of the stamper the image looks a bit distorted, just like it’s placed under a lens, but it isn’t a real problem. You can see how the images look from the back of the stamper in the image below.
Bear in mind that this is a super cheap stamper that actually retails for 2.99$ on Born Pretty Store (while full priced it costs 5.26$), and it does its job greatly, also considered the price. You will also find two plastic scrapers included with the stamper: they work fine, but personally I would have liked them more if they were a little bit harder. You can find the stamper+scrapers set here: 3Pcs/set 3.5cm Clear Silicone Jelly Stamper with Cap Chess Design Nail Art Stamper & 2 Scraper. Feel free to use the code DEGX31 in order to get a 10% discount on full-priced items from Born Pretty Store!

The nail art I created is a simple pastel accent manicure with geometric patterns. All the designs come from the MoYou London Holy Shapes Stamping Plate 17. As you can see, the stamper worked pretty fine and it was really helpful to make me place the designs where I wanted. Only remember that clear stampers can’t be cleaned up with nail polish remover. Just use a piece of tape to remove the dirt!

Here is the full list of the products I used:

  • Sephora, Color Hit L104, Way To Heaven
  • Look by Bipa, Coloured Sand 5, Glitter White
  • Moyra, Stamping Polish SP07, White
  • MoYou London, Holy Shapes Stamping Plate 17
  • Born Pretty Store, Clear Stamper
  • Seche Vite, Fast Dry Top Coat

What about you? How did you paint your nails for this festive days?





(*) press sample

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