MoYou London, Stamping Plates Minimal 05, 06 (feat. Upadaisynails)

Hi girls!

Here I am to review two plates from the new Minimal collection by MoYou London! This time I am not writing this review alone, because my dear friend Alessandra from Upadaisynails agreed to join me. She is a great nail artist: visit her Instagram profile (@upadaisynails) and her Facebook page (Upadaisynails) to enjoy her wonderful works!

We tried one plate each, and that’s why we decided to cooperate to write this post 😉

The plates we are reviewing are Minimal 05 and Minimal 06. They have the same patterns, which are smaller in Minimal 05 than in Minimal 06, because the plate 05 would fit short nails, while the second one would be better on medium/long nails. Obviously, since the designs on Minimal 05 are smaller, there is place also for some extra patterns!

I used Minimal 05 on my short nails, while Alessandra chose Minimal 06 on her longer nails. We did the same manicure, so that you can see how lovely these patterns look on nails of every length and shape.

First, let me tell you about Minimal 05. Perfect for short nails, it has 18 geometric patterns with thin and neat lines. The last two rows have the same designs of Minimal 06, while the first row contains 6 extra patterns that can be found exclusively on this plate. MoYou London plates’ quality is excellent and the designs pick up perfectly – even the thinner lines!

Alessandra and I wanted to keep our manicures as minimal as possible, so we decided to do them in black and white.

For my mani I used the following products:

  • Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
  • Ya Qin An, Black Stamping Polish (review)
  • MoYou London, Crystal Clear Stamper (review→@upadaisynails)
  • MoYou London, Stamping Plate Minimal 05
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild, Wild Shine Matte Top Coat (review)

Now it’s Alessandra’s turn: she will tell you more about Minimal 06!


Hi everybody, Alessandra from Upadaisynails here!

I’ll skip my presentations, which Elena did already, to speak directly about the stamping plate, not before thanking Elena for having me on her blog!

Minimal is one of the latest released MoYou London collections : the designs and patterns are inspired by minimal and geometric designs, one of the new trends in nail art, this year!

As Elena anticipated, the plates are very similar: they differ substantially for the design size, which means adding some in the plate where the patterns are smaller! I find it amazing that a brand thinks about the users and the different needs of each one, trying to “settle” all!

I used many different MoYou London stamping plates: Minimal 06 has not failed to confirm the quality of the products and the final result, visible on the nail!

Although the lines are very thin and slender, all the images are transmitted with plate stamping so precise and clear…but we must remember that a good stamping not only depends on the plate!

Here it is the list of the products that I used for my nail art:

  • Sinful Colors, Snow Me White
  • Born Pretty Store, Black Stamping Polish
  • MoYou London, Stamping Plate Minimal 06
  • MoYou London, Crystal Clear Stamper and Scraper (review→@upadaisynails)
  • OPI, Matte Top Coat


So, if you have short nails we suggest you to choose Minimal 05, otherwise Minimal 06.

We hope you enjoyed our review of these two plates and that you found it helpful: let us know your thoughts about it!


Elena and Alessandra

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