Kinetics, Grand Bazaar Collection (Pre S/S 2017)

Hi ladies!

Finally it’s time to show you the swatches of the whole Grand Bazaar collection (*) by Kinetics! Kinetics is a brand that produces innovative and high-quality nail polishes and nail care products.

Grand Bazaar collection includes 8 nail polishes and it is available both in Solar Gel and SHIELD version. SHIELD nail polishes are the typical gel polishes that need to be cured under a lamp, while Solar Gel nail polishes are regular nail polishes that dry in the air, but have a special formula that makes them last longer and shine more, just like gel polishes. I received the collection in the Solar Gel version.

The Solar Gel nail polishes’ brush is flat and wide and the formula is flawless and smooth: applying these nail polishes is just a dream! The drying times are averagely quick, but they become even quicker if you are under the sunlight: this happens because Solar Gel polishes’ formula reacts to the light of the sun!
Solar Gel polishes can be worn without base and top coat: for my pictures I have never used a base, but I used the Solar Gel top coat, which is formulated to make these products last even longer.
My nail surface is a bit damaged, so I was a bit scared about wearing these nail polishes without a smoothing base. Luckily, Solar Gel nail polishes are super smooth and self leveling, and they will cover every flaw!

As the name says, this collection is inspired to a Grand Bazaar, and both the nail polishes’ names and colours remind those Oriental atmospheres. The collection is already available for purchase on the official Kinetics website.

Arabic Blond (KNP357) is the first nail polish of the collection, and it is a pale pink very elegant and classy! This is a passepartout, because it matches every skintone! Together with Secret Deal this is my favourite of the collection.

Here shown in three coats + Solar Gel top coat.

Give Me Better Price (KNP358) is a lovely light lavender. It’s such a sophisticated and delicate shade! It may look similar to Arabic Blond, but it is a little bit darker and more purplish. It could be a good alternative to the traditional nude nail polishes! I think it would be perfect for a special occasion like a wedding or a celebration.

Here I’m wearing three coats + Solar Gel top coat.

Camel Or Cabrio (KNP359) is a lovely sandy peach beige. I prefer it on cool-undertoned skins than on warm ones, and indeed I adore how it matches my cool skintone!

Here shown in three coats + Solar Gel top coat.


Grand Bazaar (KNP360) is the nail polish to which the whole collection is inspired and takes the name! It’s a vibrant candy bubblegum pink, perfect if you want your nails to be noticed!

Three coats + Solar Gel top coat.

Secret Deal (KNP361) is my other favourite of the collection. It’s a dusty antique pink that matches every skintone and can be worn in every occasion. You will love it!

Three coats + Solar Gel top coat.

Too Hot To Believe (KNP362) is a vibrant saturated warm red with a bit of pink inside. Under certain lights it will look more pinkish than it is!

Three coats + Solar Gel top coat.

Rub The Lamp (KNP363) is a cool-toned aubergine purple that looks amazing on pale skintones. It needs just two coats to reach a perfect coverage.

In my pictures you see two coats + Solar Gel top coat.

Last but not least, Bedouin Taxi (KNP364): it’s a complex colour and pretty hard to describe, because it shifts from blue to teal to grey. I think it matches wonderfully every skintone! If you love deep and sophisticated colours, this one may be a lovely surprise!

Two coats + Solar Gel top coat.

I hope you enjoyed this swatch marathon of the eight nail polishes of the Grand Bazaar collection! Which ones do you like the most? My favourites are Arabic Blond and Secret Deal!

For further information about Kinetics products and how to buy them you can visit the official website or the Facebook official page.

Hugs and kisses, see you soon!




(*) press sample

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