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Hi girls!

Today I’m showing you a super useful product, perfect for all the nail art lovers: liquid latex (*)! It is a liquid that – once applied on your skin and cuticles – creates a protective film that keeps them clean and tidy!

Specifically, today I wanna talk about the Born Pretty Store latex that I received from Actually on it’s highly discounted to 2,69€ (while normally it costs 7,19€) and you can find it here: 10ml Schälen Flüssige Latex Nagel Kunst Häutchen Schutz BORNPRETTY Maniküre.

This is one of the most recent Born Pretty products, but it has just become famous and appreciated by the ones who tried it! I liked it too, and now I’m gonna explain you why!

First things first: I am very pleased to see that Born Pretty products have improved a lot their packages and their quality.

This latex comes in a rectangular 10ml bottle with two caps, that is contained in a super cute cardboard box. Also, on the cardboard box we can find the ingredient list, which is something new for Born Pretty products and that I really appreciated.

Since you have to apply this latex directly on skin, I’m writing here the ingredient list so that you can see if you have any allergies. Obviously if you have latex allergies you should avoid this product!

INGREDIENTS: Water, Natural Rubber Latex, Colors, Acrylates Copolymer, Polyacrilic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Silica, Phenoxyethanol.

Once dried, this latex creates a protective film super easy to remove and that will protect your cuticles from nail polish!

I decided to use this latex to do a gradient, which is a super messy technique. I love gradients, but I hate cleaning up skin and cuticles later, so I don’t use this technique often, but this latex worked as fab! In the picture above you can see the film it created, while in the picture below you see my nails after having removed latex and added a glitter top coat.

Liquid latex is perfect for all the messy manis, such as gradient, watermarble or maybe even stamping. I suggest you to apply it in generous quantities, so it will be easier to peel off.

I stamped some floral designs over this gradient, taking a manicure by Alessandra @upadaisynails as inspiration.

In detail, the products I used for this mani are the ones you see below. And of course, the latex!

  • Kiko, Nail Lacquer 507, Rosa Cipria
  • Mi-Ny, Glam Lacquer 88, 7° Pink
  • Mi-Ny, Glam Lacquer 232, Plum Jam
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild, Mega Rocks Glitter Nailcolor E498, At Will Call
  • MoYou London, Stamping Plate Artist 04
  • Born Pretty Store, Stamping Plate BP-56 (review)
  • Ya Qin An, Black Stamping Polish (review)
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild, Wild Shine Matte Top Coat (review)


I liked this Born Pretty Store latex because it does its job wonderfully, and therefore I would totally recommend it, especially if you find it discounted! Also remember that with my code EABL10 you can get a 10% off on regular priced items on at the checkout!

Hope you enjoyed my review and my manicure!

See you soon!



(*) press sample

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