Cadillacquer, No Matter What Collection: Baryon, Neutrino, Positron


Hi ladies!

Remember that I told you that I won two giveaways in the same day? Well, today I’m happy to show you the prize of one of those giveaways: three indie nail polishes from the new Cadillacquer No Matter What collection!

The giveaways was hosted by @nailtalk together with @cadillacquer: I was already staring at this new Cadillacquer collection planning to buy some nail polishes, so winning three of them was really a big strike of luck!

No Matter What collection consists in 11 nail polishes inspired to the world of chemistry: I have received Baryon, Neutrino and Positron. Cadillacquer is a brand of handmade nail polishes that can be bought exclusively online from some international stockists: Hypnotic Polish in Europe (Hypnotic Polish: my shopping experience and my purchases!), Lakodom in Russia and Color4Nails in the USA.


Let’s begin with Baryon, the darkest of the three. It’s really a complex colour, a jelly that shifts from blue to grey to teal, with loads of holographic glitters and golden/green flakies. Such a deep and vibrant colour! In my pictures the colour is pretty accurate and similar to how it looks in real life.


Formula is a bit thick, due to all the flakies and glitter inside, but it is easy to apply anyway and it won’t create problems at all. You’ll need three coats for a perfect coverage.
Shown in three coats + top coat.



Neutrino is much brighter than Baryon: a vivid orange with round light blue glitter. It’s still a jelly, but a little bit more opaque than Baryon and Positron: you may need just two coats, especially if you have short nails. I did three for completeness.


Formula is really wonderful, a bit thick but really easy to apply, and it dries in an instant!
Shown in three coats + top coat.



Positron is a light blue jelly with square and round green glitter. It’s something never seen before, but believe me, it is very easy wereable and “soft” It is much better in real life than in pictures: so, even if you think this isn’t the nail polish for you, give it a chance, it may be a wonderful surprise!


Formula is perfect: perfect fluidity, it applies easily and with a stunning precision, and it dries quickly. Just think that I didn’t need to clean up cuticles at all! Positron is less opaque than the other two nail polishes: I needed three coats for perfect coverage, but if you have long nails you may need to apply four coats.
Shown in three coats + top coat.


Cadillacquer nail polishes come in 15ml bottles and retail for approximately 11-12€. Personally I adore this brand, because even the weirder-looking polishes are always sophisticated and never tacky. If you never tried Cadillacquer give it a try, you won’t regret it! 😉

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