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Hi girls!

The past days have been very lucky for me, making me win two giveaways in a row! Today I am showing you the prize of one of those giveaways: a nail polish by Fedua offered by the official page of the brand @feduaofficial.

Fedua is a new brand of 5-free, high-quality nail polishes, completely made in Italy and with an incredibly eye-catching packaging.


The price suits the innovative packaging and the high-quality of the nail polish: Fedua nail polishes cost 16€ each. Of course, it isn’t cheap, but sometimes it may be ok to spend a little bit more for a luxury nail polish, right? 😉

I had the opportunity to choose the colour of the nail polish I won. I went for Electric Blue, which is part of the new Autumn/Winter 2016 collection.

The elegant rectangular bottle contains 11ml of nail polish.


Electric Blue is an unique shade darker and more intense than a typical electric blue, turning into a navy blue under certain lights. It’s one of the most elegant nail polishes I own, and it looks stunning both with casual or formal looks.

Formula is quite thick, but still easily manageable, and with a very high coverage. Since this is a highly pigmented nail polish, the colour looks deep and intense after just one coat, even if you’ll need two coats for a perfect look.
In my pictures you see two coats of Electric Blue + top coat.

This nail polish is very resistant and lasts for many days on nails even without top coat. Anyway, I always prefer wearing it with top coat, so that it won’t lose its glossy look.


It’s the first time I try a Fedua nail polish, even if I knew the brand before, and I am very happy about this product! Electric Blue is really a stunner and it has become one of my favourite shades among my nail polish collection.

There are some Fedua retailers in Europe, but most of the resellers are located in Italy. Therefore, if you come on holiday in Italy and you want to do some nail polish tourism, you should check their store locator to find a Fedua shop near you (by the way, would you be interested in an article about “nail polish tourism” in Italy? 😛 ).




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