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Hi ladies!

Let’s start the week with a new review of a very useful item: a plate holder (*)! This one is from Born Pretty brand and I got it from, the german Born Pretty Store storefront.



nurbesten and Born Pretty Store sell many different plate holders. This one is made for “standard-sized” rectangular plates (such as the MoYou London and the Born Pretty ones) and it contains 20 plastic sleeves.

The outside is in made of a bright pink artificial leather and it has a very useful snap button closure. Actually this item is discounted to 5,99€ on, but full-priced it would cost 12,60€: I always suggest you to take advantage of the discounts when you find them! The item number of this plate holder is #20045 and you can buy it from here: Nagel Kunst Die Hülle für die Abziehbild-Platte 20 Zwischenschicht BORN PRETTY.

If your orders include some non-discounted products, you can always use my code EABL10 to get them with a 10% off discount!


Usually rectangular plates come inside a protective cardboard sleeve. As you can see from my pictures, in some cases (like for the Born Pretty plates) you will need to remove the cardboard sleeve to make them fit the holder page, while in some other cases (like for the MoYou London plates) plates will fit perfectly even with the sleeve.
Putting the plates in the holder without their cardboard sleeve will allow you to insert two plates in each page. On the other hand, if you keep them inside the sleeve you will need one page for each plate.

Before I used to keep my plates disorderly in a drawer, and therefore I had to mess up everything every time I needed a specific plate. Now my plates are perfectly ordered and easy to find…and the drawer is happy too! 😛

Do you own an item like this holder? If you have a lot of rectangular plates you really should take it into consideration!




(*) press sample

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