What’s Your Nail: my shopping experience!

Hi girls!

Finally I have some spare time to dedicate to my blog! 🙂 Today I’m talking about my shopping experience on the French online store What’s Your Nail. Sadly the website is only in French, but it is anyway simple to understand and navigate, so that I could easily make an order even without speaking a word of French.

EDIT: Sadly, with my great disappointment, the site has closed. Such a pity! 🙁

I have already written other posts about my shopping experiences: here is the list of the ones that can be read also in English.

As its name suggests, this store sells exclusively nail products. I decided to order from this website because it is the only European stockist of the Loja BBF stamping plates – a Brazilian brand that stole my heart.

What’s Your Nail has a huge choice of stamping plates of many different brands that are not easy to find in Europe: Creative Shop, Loja BBF, Messy Mansion, Pet’la Plate, Bundle Monster and Yours Cosmetics. The website also sells many water decals and nail decorations. It doesn’t have many nail polishes though: actually the only brand available is Barry M, and something by A England. Anyway I suggest you to take a look also to the nail polish section, because it’s easy to find highly discounted nail polishes: I bought an A England for half of its price!

There are different shipping options available, such as priority mail or express courier. Each shipping method has its own price, which is always calculated on the weight of the package. Anyway the shipping isn’t expensive, and if you choose a cheap shipping method probably you won’t spend a lot.

I chose the priority mail with tracking and my order took exactly one week from France to Italy.

What’s Your Nail accepts payments via PayPal, credit card, cheque or bank transfer. Personally I always use PayPal or credit cards, because other methods are slow and complicate.

I ordered three Loja BBF plates (two dedicated to Game of Thrones and one dedicated to Maleficent, the evil witch of The Sleeping Beauty) and Fotheringay Castle by A England. In the envelope I also found a little gift: a set of nail stickers.

So, if you are looking for some cute and original stamping plates you really should check What’s Your Nail, especially if you live in Europe and you are interested in the brands I’ve mentioned above. Plus, shipping is cheap and orders are delivered in a small amount of time.

I hope you found this post useful! 🙂

See you soon





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