Winter in Wonderland Nail Art


Hi girls!

Do you remember of Italian Monthly Manis, the monthly nail collab for nail addicts that I’m organizing together with other 11 girls? Well, today I have a mani inspired to January’s theme, which is Winter in Wonderland and is hosted by @silvia.nails.

I’m posting this mani only today because I also used it to join a nail art contest that didn’t allow me to post anything before yesterday.


The star of this manicure is the stunning Freya’s Cats by piCture pOlish, which is one of my new babies. I stamped a wolf and a deer over it, that respectively come from the Born Pretty Store stamping plates BP-16 (Review e Nail Art: Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP-16) and BPX-L008 (Review +Nail Art: Born Pretty Store – Stamping Plate BPX-L008). In the plates both the animals look in the same direction, so I used the Born Pretty Store Stamping Mat to make a decal with the deer in order to change its direction (Review, Nail Art + Tutorial: Born Pretty Store Stamping Mat).

I stamped with the fabulous Crystal Clear Stamper by MoYou London and the white stamping polish by Moyra (which is a new entry too). Before applying top coat I filled in some missing spots in the designs with a small brush dipped in white nail polish.


I hope you liked this mani as much as I did!

Before the end of this article I’d like to inform you that I will possibly skip some posts in the next days, because I am actually quite busy and I don’t know how many time I will have for my nails. In any case I will be fully operative again after one or two weeks.




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