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Hi girls!

Today I have the review of a top coat that I liked really much, especially under certain aspects: the Sublime Gel Polish Top Coat by Mi-Ny (*). I am almost at the end of the bottle, that means that this is the right moment to tell you about it!


The Sublime Gel Polish Top Coat is a gel effect top coat that come inside a black opaque bottle. From the packaging it really looks like a gel nail polish, but remember that this is a “normal” top coat that dries without the lamp. Inside the bottle we have 11 ml of nail polish that expires in 24 months.

As any other Mi-Ny nail polish, also this top coat is made in Italy and 4-free, because it doesn’t contain ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and Camphor. Generally I prefer not to buy products that have these kind of ingredients, so I am very happy to know that this top coat doesn’t.

The Sublime Gel Polish Top Coat costs 8,90€ and it can be bought in Mi-Ny stores (located mostly in Northern Italy) or from their online shop (they ship internationally): SUBLIME GEL POLISH TOP COAT.

The Sublime Gel Polish Top Coat is my first choice when I am wearing simply nail polish, because it has a great liquid self-leveling formula, it stays glossy for many days and it dries in a minute! Sadly it has some problems if used on a nail art, because it tends to ruin the design below.

It is very hard to find a top coat that works great both with nail polishes and nail arts, so I am using this one for nail polishes and another one for nail arts. If you need a top coat just for nail polish I’d definitely suggest you to try this one: for me it works even better than the super famous Seche Vite, because this one by Mi-Ny doesn’t shrink as Seche does, plus it is 4-free (while Seche Vite contains Toluene). On the other hand, if you are looking for a top coat for your nail designs, you should look for something else.

So, this top coat is perfect for nail polishes but not for nail arts. It is anyway the best top coat for nail polish I have ever tried, so I am still very happy about this product. Sooner or later I’d like to make a comparison of all the top coats I am using, I think this could be very useful!



(*) press sample

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