Revlon Parfumerie 040, Wintermint


Hi girls! 🙂

Winter is in the air, and if you want to bring a wintery style to your nails take a look to the nail polish I am showing you today! It’s in my collection from years but I have never ended to talk about it here in my blog…but finally its time has come! 😀

This baby is n. 040, Wintermint, from the Parfumerie collection by Revlon. The name couldn’t be more appropriate, not only for its colour, but also and mostly for its peppermint scent (yes, this is a scented nail polish!). I love it!


The bottle is very cute and its spherical cap almost reminds me of a parfum bottle. It contains 11,7 ml of nail polish inside. The expiration time isn’t written, but I can tell you that I have opened this polish more than two years ago and it still works great.


Wintermint is a stunning metallic mint green with turquoise sequins and hexagonal glitters. It dries a little bit textured, so if you want a smooth nail surface you will need to paint one or two coats of top coat (if you apply top coat the nail polish will smell a little bit less).

You will need at least three coats to get a full coverage, but the formula is just great and the glitters spread homogeneously on the nail surface. Its drying times are average.

In my pictures you see three coats of Wintermint + one of Mi-Ny Sublime Gel Polish Top Coat.


I have read that this nail polish is a good dupe (even if not identical) for Mermaid’s Dream by Deborah Lippmann. Actually, in Italy Deborah Lippmann‘s nail polishes are impossible to find, so I don’t know if this is true or not, but from the pictures I see Mermaid’s Dream looks very similar to Wintermint.

I really like Wintermint and I love wearing it when winter comes, if you love this kind of cold-toned nail polishes you should try it! Just a small advice about this nail polish: keep in mind that this is very hard to remove in the traditional way, so be ready to use the silver foil wrap method or to wear it over a peel-off base.

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed my review!

See you on Monday!



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