Christmas Lights Nail Art #1


Hi girls!

Today’s post is quite special because I’m going to tell you about a new initiative recently born on Instagram! It’s Italian Monthly Manis, a monthly nail collab for every nail addict, and it is hosted by me (@langolodeglismalti) and by other 11 sweet girls (@upadaisynails, @zaya_nails, @unghiesmaltate98, @firstlovenails, @nailartbybensa, @silvia.nails, @nellemiemani, @_a_d_r_y_, @alinanailart_, @simolive, @my_apawcalypse).

Joining the collab is super easy: the first of every month one of us (the host of the month) will choose a theme, and everyone who wants can create a themed manicure and share it with our hashtag #itmmanis.

I don’t want to explain too much, but I’ll include the Instagram post with the rules if you are interested and you want to join us!

NEWS NEWS NEWS!!! I'm very excited to present you a new nail collab that I'm organizing together with other eleven sweet girls: Italian Monthly Manis! Italian Monthly Manis is a themed monthly collab for all of us nail addicts! Twelve hosts are going to cover the whole year. The first day of each month we will announce the theme, and the last day we will post a collage with all the entries. EVERYONE CAN JOIN THE COLLAB! Just post a themed manicure on IG and use the hashtag #itmmanis ? These are the hosts' names: @upadaisynails @langolodeglismalti @zaya_nails @unghiesmaltate98 @firstlovenails @nailartbybensa @silvia.nails @nellemiemani @_a_d_r_y_ @alinanailart_ @simolive @my_apawcalypse! We will be posting all the infos on our IG profiles, so follow us and join if you like it! ? We will be starting on December, so stay tuned!!! ~ Ed ecco la novità che bolliva in pentola! Una nuova collaborazione organizzata da me e altre undici ragazze: Italian Monthly Manis! Italian Monthly Manis è una collaborazione mensile per tutte le appassionate di smalti e nail art! Il primo di ogni mese una delle 12 organizzatrici annuncerà un tema sul suo profilo Instagram. A fine mese sarà pubblicato un collage con tutte le partecipazioni 🙂 TUTTI POSSONO PARTECIPARE! Basta postare su IG una manicure che rispetti il tema del mese e usare l'hashtag #itmmanis ? I nomi delle 12 organizzatrici li trovate qua sopra ⬆ Pubblicheremo tutte le info su questa iniziativa sui nostri profili: seguiteci per non perdere nessuna novità! ? Inizieremo già da dicembre, quindi tenetevi pronte a partecipare!!!

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I had the pleasure to be the first host of this new collab, so I had the opportunity to choose the theme of December: Christmas Lights. It’s a very wide theme: basically everything that sparkles and reminds of Christmas is ok! 😀

Hi girls! It's time to introduce the first theme of our nail collab Italian Monthly Manis ( #itmmanis )! I have the pleasure to be the host of this month and to choose the theme, which is: Christmas Lights! ?? Our themes are meant to be very wide-spreading, so every Christmassy sparkly mani is welcome! You can do either a nail art or just a nail polish swatch, it's up to you and to your imagination ? You will have time to post your manis until the end of the month, then I'll upload a video with all the entries, so don't forget the hashtag #itmmanis if you want to be featured! If you have a private profile but you still want to join the collab, you can send me your mani via DM ( @langolodeglismalti )? The other hosts will be: @upadaisynails @zaya_nails @unghiesmaltate98 @firstlovenails @nailartbybensa @silvia.nails @nellemiemani @_a_d_r_y_ @alinanailart_ @simolive @my_apawcalypse If you like ask your friends to join us: the more, the merrier ? Really looking forward to seeing your works! ❤ ~ Ciao ragazze! Finalmente posso presentarvi il primo tema di Italian Monthly Manis ( #itmmanis )! Ho il piacere di essere la host del mese di Dicembre e, dato che il Natale si sta avvicinando, il tema sarà: Christmas Lights! Come tutti i temi che vi proporremo, anche questo si può interpretare in tanti modi diversi, quindi liberate la vostra fantasia e mostrateci le vostre manicure a tema: va bene qualsiasi cosa che luccichi e che ricordi il Natale! ?? Potete fare una nail art o anche un semplice swatch di uno smalto…l'importante è divertirsi insieme! ? Avete tempo fino alla fine del mese, quando pubblicherò un video con tutte le partecipazioni: ricordatevi di usare l'hashtag #itmmanis , altrimenti non riuscirò a vedere le vostre foto! Se il vostro profilo è privato ma volete comunque partecipare, potete inviarmi la vostra manicure su Direct ( @langolodeglismalti ) ? Sopra trovate i nomi delle altre organizzatrici ☝ Se vi va invitate anche le vostre amiche a partecipare: più siamo, meglio è ? Non vedo l'ora di vedere i vostri lavori! ❤

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I am here not only to talk you about this collab, but also (and mainly) to show you the mani I did for the theme that I chose for Italian Monthly Manis! I did a glitter placement: it is not such a hard technique, but it requires a lot of time and patience.


For the glitter placement technique you will have to apply one glitter at a time, trying to be very precise when placing it. Luckily I have short nails, otherwise I would have needed another month to complete this manicure! 😛

I used the Apple Red nail polish (n. 240) by Kiko, some hexagonal glitters I bought from a Chinese shop, and the Sublime Gel Polish Top Coat by Mi-Ny. I also used the foil glue by Essence to apply the glitters (I think this product has been recently discontinued).


I really like how this mani looks! It was the second time in my life that I did a glitter placement, but I think that the final result is pretty good 🙂 Plus, this nail art really reminds me of Christmas Lights, with all those golden sparkly glitters *-*

You are all invited to join our new collab: visit my profile (@langolodeglismalti) for all the infos and post a themed manicure if you like! We would be very happy to see your entries!




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