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Hi girls!

I’m here again with a new stamping manicure: this time I am showing you a purple stamping polish by Born Pretty Store (*).

I received it from, which is the german Born Pretty Store storefront, and I must admit that from the images on their website I expected to get a blue nail polish, while the one I received is purple! Probably the colours of the pics on their site aren’t totally accurate, so I did my best to capture the real colour of this nail polish.

The bottle is quite small because it contains only 6 ml of nail polish inside. The ingredient list of this nail polish can’t be found anywhere, but in this case it isn’t such a big problem for me, because I use this nail polish only for stamping.
The price is adequate to the product quantity: 3,50€ when not discounted. You will already know that you can always use my code EABL10 to get a 10% off discount on full priced items! You can find this nail polish here: Nagel Kunst Born Pretty Der Nagellack für Abziehbild-Platte Lila Farbe 6ml #31.

This time I did a super easy manicure, inspired by the idea of a purple lace over a delicate nude background. The lace designs come all from the plate BP-L020 that I reviewed a lot of time ago: Review e Nail Art: Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP-L020. The patterns I chose have very small details, but they transferred very well with this stamping polish, so I must say that it works great!
The lovely nude nail polish I used for the background is Blush (n. 507) from the old discontinued collection by Kiko Cosmetics. I keep asking why they decided to discontinued the traditional line of nail polishes, they were great and also cheap! I don’t like very much the products they are selling now.

What do you think of this manicure? 🙂 I am also trying to make better pictures, I hope you noticed that!

See you on monday!



(*) press sample

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