Nurbesten, Manicure Saver Claw Tool

Hi girls!

Finally I’m back! Today I want to show you an item which looks a little bit weird but actually it is very useful!

It was sent me by, which is the german Born Pretty Store storefront.

This item looks like a pen, but it has a claw which can be used to pick up cotton balls dipped in nail polish remover, so it will allow you to clean up stamping plates and working areas without ruining your manicure!

It is more easy to see how it works instead of describing it, so I’ll have prepared a demonstrative video for you.




This claw tool is really a manicure saver for me: I use it mostly to clean my stamping plates and now I’m not afraid to ruin my nail arts anymore!

This item costs 5,38€ (but now it is discounted to 2,69€!) and it can be bought from at this link: 1Pc Maniküre Saver Cotton Greifer reinigen Nagel Schablonen Nagel Stamping Nagelkunst Werkzeug. Plus, if you use my code EABL31 you will get a 10% off discount on your orders!

See you on Friday with a new nail art!




(*) press sample

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